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Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Series Discussion

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  1. May be a case of brood parasitism, often done by species of cuckoo or cowbird. The brood parasite lays it's egg in the nest of a different species which then raises the chick as its own. The hatchling may push out the other offspring to reduce competition and so it receives all the food brought by the nest owners. The brood parasites have adapted so that the nest owners cannot easily tell that the egg is not their own through egg mimicry.

  2. youre witnessing a successful instance of brood parasitism. that's a juvenile

  3. And how do I fix/add to where it's say $8 per figure/item.

  4. Yeah, he didn't use a period. What a dork.

  5. Literally my dream dog. Jack Russell right?

  6. Jason deserved better. And Victor Kreel

  7. I have to admit I knew his actions were going to lead to his death, but I really wish Jason could have realised the error of his ways before he died. It would have worked better with his character.

  8. Right, I feel like Jason deserved a redemption arc

  9. How is Mei more of a tank than Doomfist?

  10. You put most of my favourite songs in c tier, fuck off (respectfully).

  11. Swallowed Up by the Ocean is S tier imo

  12. Hey.. this might sound like a dumb question but I honestly don't know what :5679: means. Can you explain this to me please? I've seen it in other comments in this sub as well. Just curious.

  13. What? It's just an emoji of scuffed up zavala...

  14. I like it. The old lady that lived in a shoe I see. Though, when you post a picture of your guardian you usually have to come out of the house/shoe.

  15. Hitting just only that one can is a lot more difficult then hitting the center...

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