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  1. I'm considering cancelling too. I used to be a platinum sub cardholder and thought we understood how everything worked, but then my spouse passed away and I got my own account where I'm the primary. It seems that my points never accrue anymore - been at the same points balance for months now despite thousands of dollars in spending, but when I call to inquire, customer service talks in circles and I never understand what they are saying.

  2. Wait you don’t get points for purchases under 100 bucks? Is that really a thing?

  3. What is the name of this company and what did the charge? So do they just review all of your records and advise you what to claim?

  4. Yeah, I sent them a copy of all my records and they went thru everything and then filled out all the paperwork for me, listing all the claimable conditions they found. I did my original claim myself and got 60%, I had them redo it recently and they found 9 new things to claim and got me up to 90%. They are called Cherry Professional Services. It’s just 2 people who worked at the VA doing claims for like 20 years. Cost me 300 bucks.

  5. I’m a recent new member myself. Just went from 60 to 90….now I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how to get that last 10. I don’t think I have anything else left to claim.

  6. They wouldn't creep on some girl with capability like that. They could topple governments, steal corporate secrets, get ahead of stock movements or trades, blackmail a billionaire, literally a billion more impactful activities other than creeping on some chick. So unlikely it's virtually improbable

  7. Look at what was released with the Vault 7 stuff. They’ve got a way into almost everything, and that info was from like 10 years ago. Imagine what they can do now…

  8. Sounds like some shit Walter White would pull on his enemies.

  9. HOW in the world does the VA work? I got 30% for GERD and 0% Tinnitus and 20% Lumber Strained

  10. I am sorry. Yes the money is nice but being that broken sucks.

  11. Yeah well we’d be broken regardless, so the money and other bennies helps! lol

  12. Can I ask what you did to go from 90 to 100? Currently struggling with what to do next.

  13. I also didn’t do any nexus letters. That may have helped me get it before this. I just always relied on what was in my medical records, and what VA doctors had diagnosed me with afterwards. A lot of issues got denied but then a lot got service connected. I wish you all the best and I hope you get that 100% soon, you deserve it.

  14. Paying only 65% of what I use to pay for my mortgage…. Pretty worth it.

  15. That’s what keeps me fighting to get 100%. I just went from 60% to 90%, but I want to stop paying property taxes. Here in Texas 100% gets you no property taxes, of which I pay about 1000 a month. Now, realistically the bump in pay from 60 to 90 is almost 1000 bucks a month so I guess technically it’s cancelled out, but still…

  16. Lol what? I was born in 1981 and while I wasn’t ever in direct combat, I was at a place to go attacked with rockets, mortars and small arms fire every single day. Wtf does this guy think we were doing in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 20 years?!

  17. Your updated rating should show on ebenefits now if they’ve sent your packet out.

  18. Because….if something is 1 billion light years away, what you are seeing is literally light from 1 billion years ago?

  19. I got someone who can probably help you out! He got me from 60-100 in a few months. He uses his own network of third party doctors to get the medical evidence needed to support your claims.

  20. Not sure why I’m getting downvoted here? I’m just being honest. Me, and everybody who knows me and knows my situation (many disabled vets) agree that I should be at 100%.

  21. End of March is not a long time. I filed mine on Feb. 17, and just got the final decision yesterday. And that’s actually pretty fast.

  22. Lol I wish. I submitted a fully developed claim. I’m already 60%, this is my attempt to get to 100%. I had a company review my records and they pointed out 9 things I missed the first time around. We shall see what happens…

  23. Idk. I had my C&P exams first week of March, and just went to Preparation for Decision a week ago.

  24. I’m a new Platinum holder, and I’ll be downgrading to a Gold when my 1 year mark hits. The 700 a year fee isn’t worth it to me

  25. Currently at 87 days since mine hit the PFD. I check everyday and oh man is it hard being patient. Especially knowing it could be another 120 plus days.

  26. I filed on 2/23/22. Immediately has my C and P exams like 10 days later, then nothing for months. Then 2 weeks ago I had to go to another C and P follow up exam. Then yesterday it went to Preparation for Decision…

  27. My brother is with our step sister. They’ve been together almost 10 years now. Was it weird to begin with? Hell yeah. But now it’s just normal. Life is weird. Fuck it.

  28. This is normal. I applied on February 23, had my 2 exams about 10 days after that, and I just got told I have yet another follow up exam this weekend. Every situation is unique.

  29. I don't know who was under the costume.....but that was definitely peak hot Stephanie period right there!

  30. Why in the world would you do something like that? 5000 for 1 claim?! How does that even work??

  31. Idk. I submitted my FDC on February 23rd and it’s been in Evidence Gathering since about 10 days after that.

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