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  1. I'll never forget the confused look I got from a friend when she saw me laugh at something I was reading in a book

  2. I never forget when I was reading Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett and so many people seem disappointed there's no actual moving pictures inside (and no pictures at all... Just words).

  3. If anything get 2.0 with all upgrades. Upgrades include ALL tracks from the first game with upgraded graphics.

  4. It was obviously too big to fit in the van, they had to bend it in half.

  5. The moment you realize when this game says no healing literally means no healing.

  6. The author perfectly fitted a mirror to the tree and fixed it with a clamp specially designed to look like the profile of a bird

  7. Not trying to offend someone's artistic dedication to the craft, but wouldn't it be too much of a hassle for a picture like that? Whether it's not photoshopped it's still a fake trick for the effect, right?

  8. Nothing. This person is either delusional/mentally ill or someone who loves the attention they get from being the “person who’s allergic to everything.” People like this just love getting special treatment, that’s all it is 90% of the time

  9. I've encountered shit like this once in my career. Was working in a hotel doing lots of functions and some company of 20 came in to stay for 5 days and do conferences. They supposed to have hot and cold buffet on each day. I got handed a page long list of allergies for one person that included things as basic as tomatoes, onions, gluten, lactose, etc. It also included quinoa except for one specific brand, which I never even see in any supermarket.

  10. no i jednak w mojej bańce sporo osób się komunikuje przez messengera.

  11. Tried it a few times always abandoned it after just couple of hours. Not saying it's a bad game. Just saying it's definitely not a game for me as most of Bethesda's titles.

  12. Highly doubt it, but I would love to be wrong. GTA Online needs to die out for Rockstar to understand it's time to fucking move on and start delivering new games.

  13. I think it's supposed to be a homage to Kurosawa's films?

  14. I liked him in his peasant outfit but he was twice as big as the other slaves.

  15. They checked his teeth and went "We kept worse". That man is a gigantic in this film. Lol

  16. What is it with Reddit and this game? I swear, it's every week someone has to come talk about this game because it's not as bad as the early reviews said. Yeah, most of the technical problems are patched up now, but the game underneath all that is what really mattered, and it was never that exceptional to begin with. The game itself falls squarely in a sometimes good, never great, mostly middle of the road box, and it's perfectly rated right where it's at.

  17. I remember reviews saying it is mediocre and it actually is.

  18. Przez ten kształt wygląda jak w trumnie, ale sam orzełek faktycznie ładniejszy niż ten nasz smutas

  19. Obecny wygląda jakby puszczał pawia i chyba dlatego tak pasuje.

  20. There's apparently also a mission in one of the MGS, where you had to kill this old dude who is sniping you. Apparently, if you just change the date of your PS to a few years in the future, you get told he died of old age.

  21. What a journey. So many memories. Cannot compare. Life in one picture. Sum of hard work. Collection.

  22. Man, I just realized I also have all of that. Didn't know how much of a PS5 geek I really am.

  23. Myself, sometimes I play for the sake of it with a deck that's never going to work and suddenly in the middle of third act that deck goes poggers and I kill Time Eater in 3 turns.

  24. Ja tylko dodam, również jako ciekawostka dla innych najemców, że właściciel nie może ot tak podnieść sobie czynszu, musi to zrobić z 3 miesięcznym wyprzedzeniem, NA PIŚMIE (inaczej jest to nieważne), oraz z uzasadnieniem i wyliczeniem czemu podnosi czynsz. Czynsz można podnosić tylko raz na pół roku i tylko z zachowaniem powyższych warunków (ustawa o ochronie lokatorów).

  25. A propos podnoszenia cen - nie wiem jak się to ma do sytuacji, gdzie kończy mi się stara umowa i będziemy ew. podpisywać nową.

  26. Dzięki, mi niekoniecznie chodzi o jakąś szeroko pojętą sprawiedliwość, chyba że właściciele naprawdę przekręca całą sytuację tak że zaczną przedstawiać całą sytuację, jakoby sami byli uczciwi i niemal poszkodowani. Na razie są niezręczne rozmowy. Rozumiem, że w tej sytuacji gdybym wylądował w sądzie to z perspektywy prawa nie zrobiłem nic złego?

  27. Ritual Dagger had a base damage of 81 (15+3*2+5*12) which was then doubled by Phantasmal Killer to 162, then doubled again by Pen Nib to 324, and then multiplied by 1.5 by the enemy's Vulnerable status to 486.

  28. I play this game in and out for years on PS4, so I basically play with no mods, but this still doesn't excuse me from not mastering this game. I am ready to admit I'm fucking retard at city-planning.

  29. "Vladimir, just please tell me I'm not planning suicide soon."

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