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  1. I just want to go on record with what is apparently an unpopular opinion: I greatly enjoy listening to Underwood and Manning. It seems that a large part of the fan base is split on which one they dislike more, and I'm not sure I understand why.

  2. I would agree with that. People say they don't like one another but it seems that they get along well enough on air at least.

  3. I'm a huge fan of them now. They're much more laid back, it felt like 10 years ago they didn't really joke around as much.

  4. A lot of people that have never attempted to play a drum assume they can do it with rhythm, but John was an actual trained musician. There are also strict rules about when he could and could not drum as far as interfering with the game. It isn't something you can just easily pull a random person in to do on a whim.

  5. I’ll get downvoted by idiots that think wearing a different jersey changes a damn thing in this world.

  6. Exactly! who gives a shit, just put on a rainbow jersey and play hockey. Why do we even care what Russians think?

  7. Maybe they shouldn't have started this pride night to begin with if they're gonna pussy out to Russian Oligarchs.

  8. Honestly, I came super prepared and really enjoyed the whole misery of the experience….🫣 I just think a little bit of suffering can make things even more memorable and the lasers with the sprinkling was magical haha!

  9. Me too it was incredible but I've never been so wet and cold in my life! I agree it made the show better.

  10. Bro did you end up getting your ticket? Concert in Philly Friday and I'm freaking out

  11. Yes I did concert was sick. Our venue in Detroit started sending them out a week before the show

  12. I'm going to at least 9 Guards games at 3 stadiums (x1 at PNC Park, x2 at the Trop, x6 at Progressive Field)

  13. The best way is to get season tix. Same with playoff seats because season ticket holders have an opportunity to buy their seat for the whole thing before playoff tix go on sale.

  14. Honestly I had a really easy time going to all the playoff games because I went to like 5 or so regular season games. They sent me an email with early access.

  15. 4LQuan. I thought he was awesome. I forget the 2nd person but the 3rd person was bag lady and she fuckin rocked.

  16. Had a great time at the show tonight. Something to consider, go into the show knowing it’s only going to be 35-45 minutes. It’s just Nudy and a mic. He raps his ass off the whole time. If this was a big show with a huge or production it could easily be extended 30–40 min. Overall I would rate is as, pleasantly surprised.

  17. I'm really surprised too, he rapped his ass off. Ill definitely go to the next one. Just as good as JID and Smino that I went to Friday night.

  18. I meant between JID and Smino, was at the GR show last night and def didn’t expect JID to open for Smino. Show was amazing.

  19. My four cats greet me at the door. They always want to me near me, they sleep on my bed with me and when I’m on my couch, on or near the couch. I have a special song I sing for each of them, and they come running when I sing their song. A few years ago, two of them saved a friend’s life on Xmas eve. He fell into a diabetic coma on my couch downstairs and was seizing. Two of the cats knew something was wrong and teamed up to jump on my bed and wake me up with their crying. I was able to call 911 and the medics were able to revive my friend. So yes, cats can love as deeply as dogs, and they can save lives as well, too.

  20. It's not pushing an agenda just by the nature of a gay relationship being the focus of 2 episodes that are based on the source material. Pushing for it to seem "extra" is just as weird as people who are against it imo. It doesn't have to be sending a message, it simply is just any other relationship. Their sexuality should not be a highlight of it, who cares.

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