Wiener Mobile Entering Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel

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  1. I got married at 19. This year we will celebrate 36 years together. Everyone said we were stupid. They were right, we were. But it all worked out.

  2. 18 - HS Sweetheart, stayed married for 10 years, broke my heart but - Worth it ; )

  3. A broken heart is rough. But there’s other open hearts to be had. Good luck.

  4. Ya, it's all good. 3 kids and a lot of time. Mom asked me if I regretted not going on a Mormon Mission and marrying someone that would eventually leave. "Hand down the best decision I ever made. Would do it again in a heartbeat." That was crazy, love at first sight, HS shit. Would not miss it for the world.

  5. I was a Mormon - So making blood oaths and getting my junk anointed in the Temple seemed pretty normal then, not so much now.

  6. Ok .. name one or multiple things that non mormon people would find odd or strange that were part of your job?

  7. It was a non-paying gig. I got to "heal" people by placing consecrated virgin olive oil on their heads and saying a prayer. I got to hear their confessions and recommend penance or refer them for disciplinary action. I got to assign them to a "Calling". And by them I mean all 5 adults in my branch (a very small Mormon congregation) I was in Woomera SA in 1988

  8. So much of gis, and tech in general, is figuring things out. With a history degree, you know how to research to find answers. So even if you don’t know how to do something, you have the capability to look up resources on how to do something.

  9. Seriously, my most important skill is my ability to Google well. I read a lot of "indexes". If I know it can be done and by what, I can figure it out.

  10. Holly shit dude, I (55m) have been a code jockey since I was 17, and just this morning I'm thinking "I wonder when they are going to figure out I don't know shit and that ChatGPT can just about do my job". It's a common thing with us. Keep learning, it makes you feel safe .. er ; )

  11. I (55m) stole quarters out of my mom's purse to play Beserk down at the 7-11, we are not the same.

  12. One kid kept stabbing another kid in the neck with a needle. The kid getting stabbed didn't feel it, but I saw it. The stabber was sent to the office, and the other kid was none the wiser.

  13. Damn! We had the best hair! Fight me! I (55m) was sporting that split down the middle, feathered out, Aquinet-ed down, hair!

  14. I was a Mormon so I have Anointed Junk! Never would have had that if not for Joseph Smith and the Masons!

  15. Well, that's no ordinary rabbit. That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on.

  16. I just moved here 5 years ago and it sounds like it hasn't changed at all. Tones of kids, lots of walking, biking, boating, bird watching, and more than a few fireworks.

  17. I am SOOO grateful I did not go. Knowing what I know now, I'd have to go back to each and every person I talked to and tell them what I know now.

  18. When I think about how complex everything is and how many bugs I personally create, I am amazed anything works.

  19. I mock the shit out of them lately and I'm sure their snowflake asses think of it as oppression.

  20. I don't like tomato sauce, so I eat spaghetti plain with just a lot of parmesan cheese.

  21. That's because they are not the True, '70s style, faithful, and devout Saturday's Warriors like us!

  22. My dad stopped going to Church for 5 years back in the '70s until Kimble reversed God's demands for curse enforcement.

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