1. Except TIM wanted to control the Reapers for human dominance, he had no intention of stopping them.

  2. You can stop the Reapers by destroying them or controlling them.

  3. I'm gonna guess you always romance Ash only

  4. Miranda in my renegade playthroughs and Tali when I'm paragon.

  5. She is not as far as I know. She even kisses Shepard in the DLC. The Councilor respects her a lot though.

  6. That would be a good addition if they go for a more open world route.

  7. I guess it is the 4th ME being created though I think they called it Andromeda instead of ME4 because they wanted to do a new thing.

  8. To be honest I think that they will avoid putting any number in the title in order to avoid this discussion.

  9. I see your point, and I know the development was rushed, but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. These people are professional writers, they should’ve been able to pull it off.

  10. It is not about being able to pull it off or not, they have strict deadlines to work with and the studio can't spend too much time on the writing.

  11. But how would TIM know he needed information from the Collectors?

  12. Because the Collectors appeared in Omega to try and purchase humans. Then the Normandy was attacked by an unknown mysterious vessel and then the Shadow Broker tried to get Shepard's body. All of that just after Saren tried to attack the Citadel.

  13. The Collectors have been purchasing organics of all species, including humanz for decades. That was their for trade. Advanced technology for say 20 sets of left handed twins (iirc the example from the game). That's where they got the name Collectors. From the folks they bought Organics from

  14. That'a incorrect. The earliest sighting of Collectors happened in 2183, right after the attack on the Citadel, then they destroyed the Normandy and then they tried to get Shepard's body.

  15. Tali because she isn't forced down my throat like Liara.

  16. I've always thought that femShep fans were a vocal minority in this subreddit. But I refer to Shep as "he" just because I like broShep better and always use him in my playthroughs.

  17. What about Nihlus? Jondum Bau? You are forgetting all the other good spectres that use their authority to keep the galaxy safer.

  18. According to Samara at least, it seems Nihlus had abused his powers at least a couple times. Which is why she tried to kill him

  19. True, but there are always two sides to a story and we didn't have the chance hear his. Samara has her code which is very especific. We don't know if what he did could be considered abuse of power by non-justicars' standards.

  20. I headcanon that Earth's pariah states like North Korea started to support Cerberus with resources and manpower because they had seen it as an opportunity to acquire more power and technology in return.

  21. I belive Chakwas actually never officially join Cerberus.

  22. I think no one can officially joins Cerberus because they are a terrorist organization that does not operate under any law, but eveyone on the SR-2 worked for them just the same.

  23. I don't know, Cerberus is bad but at least they want to further humanity's interests, the Shadow Broker is a lot more shady and don't give a damn about anyone but himself.

  24. Shepard is the least interesting aspect of the main trilogy by far lol.

  25. The vast majority of the fanbase seems to disagree with you.

  26. Weird since you're the one with the downvotes.

  27. What makes you think that the entirety of the ME fanbase is limited to this subreddit?

  28. I'm so glad Verner got his due through his unexpected uni thesis. I'm oddly fond of him. At first, long before 2 or 3, I wrote him off as a total weirdo. The moment he won me over was in ME2 when he unintentionally in-universe (out of universe, it's an another story; it's on purpose) parodies Shepard's tendencies and clumsily replicates Shepard's behaviour in a true attempt to be a hero.

  29. I don't get why some people are mean to him. He comes off as creepy with his obsession but he is harmless. Shooting his is like kicking a lost puppy.

  30. Well, Ashley and Kaidan don’t commit quite as many war crimes either.

  31. Shepard is a spectre, so technically not even Hacket outranks him, only the Council members.

  32. Given they are the same character and you are disregarding voice acting, how is one better?

  33. BroShep just fits the messiah type of character that Shepard is supposed to represent in a way that femShep does not.

  34. How? Based on what? They have pretty much identical dialogue. All that changes is the visual appearance.

  35. As I said, he just fits better the messiah/savior type, femShep can't do the same as naturally as broShep, but that's just my opinion, I'm not shitting on femShep.

  36. I get not 'adopting' him, but why do you find it creepy?

  37. Because he is a full grown Krogan in spite of his biological age, not a little defenseless baby who needs a parent.

  38. He needs guidance, sounds like a parental relationship to me

  39. Not at all, you can guide your friends, just like you do with Garrus, for example.

  40. What would the third game be about then aside from the final mission ?

  41. It would have a bigger focus on the war instead of wasting time trying to bring everyone together. Sabotage missions, acquiring supplies, getting civillians out of warzones, helping the armies hold strategic positions, moving troops around, securing resources for the development of new weapons, stealing info and having eventual boss fights with different kinds of Reapers.

  42. The arguments of “this is what Saren wanted” or “this is what TIM wanted” are not good. They failed. You succeeded. They are 100% viable options.

  43. Just because they failed doesn't mean that what they were doing was right.

  44. the destroy ending is the "I don't understand why the reapers exist and what their purpose is" choice.

  45. It is a very different genre but if you want a game with choices I highly recommend you to play Detroit Become Human.

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