1. Damn man good for you. I was hoping that this skin would arrive in the mythic essence shop but scam

  2. I think it's good to have an AP champ, an AD champ, and your safepick if your champ gets banned.

  3. TEAMCHATISOFF69 is my current highest acc i decayed from GM haven't played high elo in ~3 months or so

  4. I would love that. Right now the money doesn't feel that important to me. It's essential obviously to buy all the tools you need, but it's like if all you could buy in GTA was ammo.

  5. Thats true. The phasmo dollars are used only for tools, but maybe they could encourage everyone to collect more to spend on their van or something

  6. Basically I have all Akali skins except all star and stinger and I was really hoping to get one of them in my shop but fucking rito gayms decided to go brainless mode and not give me any

  7. Maybe say what subgenre it was. It will be easier to find it. And also specify what year it was or what meme era did it exist in

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