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  1. It seems all the batches are just getting better and better. People who’ve been haters are gonna be facepalming soon. Medical weed just only gonna get better with standards

  2. I agree, I get 20g/month of EMT 1 and the quality is improving with each order. I'm very impressed so far.

  3. There are so many good 40K books out, there should be plenty of research material

  4. Weeding is the process of removing elements that aren't part of the design. Nothing to do with the content.

  5. I write the variety and the date on a piece of tape and label every bag because I know how terrible my memory is

  6. I will do this in the future, was far too excited when I first inoculated them! 🤣

  7. It's just the lighting, it's lit from the left so it has cast a shadow. At the moment that little spot is just uncolonized rice. I will keep an eye on it though, thank you :)

  8. I take Venlafaxine 75mg XR and I had the most intense trip on Saturday. I took 3g of APE. I should mention that I didn't take my tablets for 2 days before.

  9. Did you experience any withdrawal? I get the WORST withdrawal symptoms (flu type symptoms like chills and soreness and also like, emotional symptoms like nonstop crying). I’ve heard APEs are especially potent!!

  10. I usually start withdrawing after 2-3 days. I feel sick, achey and get mad brain zaps.

  11. Congrats! Still it’s if people out there who would benefit but who are blissfully unaware of MC so spread the word and let’s get more on board.

  12. It's crazy how I just went to being groped and sexually assaulted by security at a festival because I had 4 joints with me, to also getting my legal prescription in 2 weeks.

  13. I had a Q taken off me by security at a festival last year. Can't wait to go back with 20g of legal weed.

  14. I believe the first few are Fly Amanita and the last one is a Brown Birch-Bolete.

  15. i’d say just under half a gram of crystalised stuff but i have no tolerance to it so i think it’s way to much plus the other drug is not helping at all do you know anyways to help me relax or be less buzzed

  16. First of all, don't take anymore drugs. Try to get something to eat and make sure you keep drinking water.

  17. Smell proof jar wrapped into my tent. Never had dogs any year I've been so didn't think much of it.

  18. What year at Bloodstock did this happen? Did they still let you in?

  19. My favourite memory comes from a couple of weeks ago, I upgraded my Radeon HD 7700 to an RX 580. For the first time ever, I was able to play all of my games in High settings. It was pretty eye opening although I've been able to play some games over the last 5-6 years, I've been missing out on so much!

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