1. The newer one but if it had blue arms like og one it would be better

  2. The battle of Coruscant on ground or Yoda watching the ships fly by?

  3. Fair but it kinda looks like a poncho when it’s on the front of the clone

  4. Nice. Also coming from someone who hasn’t gotten the set yet, does the visor just come in the set or is it custom?

  5. The visor is from clone army customs, I definitely recommend their helmet accessories for these figs. This one specifically is the P1 sun visor in orange

  6. bruh imagine these mf’s all in one AT-TE, the gunner just shouts “ Commander? “ and all of them reply “ Yes? “

  7. The biggest Chad of them all. Instead of building clone army like a average person he sticks to his droids. What a legend

  8. Thanks, I love my clones, but they need somone to fight, I hope to build big battle scenes. I made a pretty decent battle of geonosis back in 2008 and hope to make one better

  9. Nice. I know you can do something, even if it isn’t geonosis. Hell, it can be anything and there’s a pretty damn high chance it’s gonna look good.

  10. That set was begging for color swaps and personal customization. Everyone should have their own version of a BARC Speeder. Where is yours?

  11. Fair. I don’t really color swap certain sets. I usually lack certain amounts of pieces, or I just stick to the original build.

  12. You should build a BARC speeder if you don't have one. It is nice to have something unique and is a fun process to create. I definitely recommend color swapping the 501st Battlepack and creating more color variation for your army.

  13. I have this fig, but im confused, what is the misprint on your droid?

  14. Oh. Yeah I don’t got this misprint but other people are saying it’s common so

  15. He was telling you what the definition of a misprint is not what is actually misprinted

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