1. Yes! I have severe OCD and am very careful but with second skin I've always let my dogs continue sleeping on the bed and haven't had a problem.

  2. Thought I was original. Why is this reposted every damn day

  3. No. Orre was an experiment they didn’t enjoy the outcome of (Masuda laughing etc).

  4. It was mid 1900s early military technology that burned the crap out of fuel and was put into a civilian liner as a show piece (still better than the TU which had to use its afterburner). Concorde should not be in the air. Supersonic travel should definitely be available to the average consumer however, technology has evolved far from when Concorde was first conceived. The fact they killed the Concorde called it unsustainable/unprofitable and didn’t recognize the technological improvementsin the 40 years since it first flew and make a new plane is the true sin. The 707 became unprofitable, that’s why they designed something else.

  5. The early episodes I don’t feel are loved enough. While it wasn’t firing on all cylinders the series has always been hilarious.

  6. I honestly enjoy it (most of the time). I feel like TBS liked the numbers and told them"do what you want" so they're kinda going all out when before it was a bit restrained. The misses are hard to get through, but you have some amazing episodes per season in the next few seasons.

  7. Thank you for your opinion, I guess I should keep watching and hope for a good laugh

  8. My brother feels much like you do. Used to love it but now only every now and then connects heavily to an episode.

  9. The Russians will sadly, these statements are more for them then they are for the rest of the world. Russia knows the countrys arming Ukraine don't believe this shit. As many have said though causing a nuclear catastrophe that would spread to NATO nations is not in Putin's interest.

  10. With the movies release we know he has committed multiple felonies. The fact he’s shocked by murder makes it lean towards white collar felonies but I wouldn’t say he’s a good person.

  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/aircrashinvestigation/comments/s62lgt/air_crash_investigation_holding_pattern_flydubai/

  12. Do they have any additional people to interview (if they actually have the off duty flight attendant this time that'll be an amazing episode).Will they go into how the Japanese response was incorrect besides skimming over it? The Alaska Air was dismal compared to the original, as was Tenerife, I don’t have high hopes for this

  13. Pretty much any scene in "Raptures delight" "The two hundred". And as you've pointed out Familyland.

  14. Yeah, i am sure many people would ask for supersonic travel, but in subsonic ticket prices.

  15. SPIRIT RESERVE A BOOM! PLANE. 300 passengers packed like a sardine for $25. Gotta stay like that for 45m but then your in Europe.

  16. Who needs refueling, when he can just build up ...20mach speed and then glide for the rest of the path ?!?

  17. Commercial planes aren't fighter jets, they're designed to hold more fuel because they don't have to carry bombs. Concorde was a military jet with a payload of humans instead of a bomb.

  18. Rodger has a very addictive personality and its been shown through various episodes he prefers the smiths over other humans. He doesn't recognize mortality unless its in a person he cares about. That's the entire theme of "Oretron Trail". I don't think Rodger could hurt any family member without hurting himself.

  19. No, you receive the shiny charm after completing lvl 10 research with every mon. The perfect dex does not have a reward.

  20. Wait so you just have to reach lv 10 while having all pokemon registered? I thought you had to have every one perfected at lvl 10 before you got the charm.

  21. Correct, except for the 5 mythical Pokemon. So do lvl 10 research for 237 Pokemon and it's yours 👍

  22. I mean Russia blew up and burned Ukrainian POW in their beds then tried to blame it on Ukraine (?) using American highly accurate weapons when the evidence shows it wasn't true.

  23. Must be nice. All I see are weedles and starly

  24. Kelly the "Kidney Killer" who you didn't include would be my top choice. I would love to see her every now and then finish a character like she almost did Hayley."I GET A PONTIAC FIERO?!!!" "Its my good luck car i've only gotten like 19 DUI'S in it."

  25. Regi I feel like they tried hard but Buckle I feel wasn't pushed enough, especially after they added he was an imagineer and could do the amazing effects. I love both them though and this was a hard vote.

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