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  1. Fun fact: different control schemes can affect speed running games like goldeneye

  2. The back tail fin is to stabilize the weight from the giant pussy magnet on the back end.

  3. It’s fine. Really you could pick it up bare handed and roll it into a log if you wanted. Just get it into glass .

  4. Just like at 711 they put in camera as to prevent theft. Not ones pointed at customers but ones in the coolers and back rooms.

  5. I’m must be a total piece of shit because I was concerned they where gonna screw up the roux

  6. I wouldn’t know. It’s just a surreal experience if you shop for boat coverage. It’s like really, I’m just allowed to say whatever value I want?

  7. Oh I see, yeah guess it doesn't matter to them if you overpay premiums or under-cover it

  8. Plus if your smart you roll in the value of the trailer too because that ain’t free to fix either.

  9. They attach your jpouch to your anus or if you have any rectum left then there. Sit to poop like a normal person. Almost no strain getting it out. Night time is the only issue, still go 2-3 times at night. It can be managed with diet and anti diarrheals.

  10. I'm not a fan of spaghetti at all, so maybe that's why I'm perceiving it as shitty. No judgement from me!

  11. Isn’t that the literal act of judging something? Ya know perceiving it as shitty?

  12. yes a $15 harbor freight temp gun works great. Can’t believe that the $285 difference could be better spent on a banger, a rig, dab tool, and other essentials.

  13. This movie was made before WW2, but yeah he was parodying Hitler in this movie. Not his entire persona but he was at least aware of it.

  14. It’s a joke from the movie iron sky. The idea is they show the great dictator in a heavily edited manor to the nazi children on the moon.

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