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  1. That thing has all the indicators and reverse lights and all. It’s crazy!

  2. "Asssalad" suddenly Middle Eastern

  3. Arabic is what you mean I suppose…

  4. Little to no pockets even in technical/outdoor wear.

  5. I’m hyper-independent as a result of the abusive upbringing I’ve had. It’s normal to me but people get shocked when they see all the things that I do by myself, from DIY around the house, to cooking, planting, caring for animals and children (not my favorite) to having bigger battles like suing anyone who may step on my toes, and so on.

  6. How did you discover which vitamin was deficient?

  7. But how did you post it a week ago when this is from yesterday? I mean had they prepublished it or something?

  8. It was a genuine question as I didn’t understand and would like to know more about it.

  9. My original comment was a joke intending to give the impression that I have prisoners in my basement, not friends. Cages, locks. How to keep friends?

  10. She is my mother, but she’s always been resentful about me because I wasn’t planned and it was always made very clear to me. She’s nothing but a fragile narcissistic person to me. I wish I had felt unconditional love when I was growing up.

  11. I love to fly. I love to watch planes land and take off. I'm like a little kid around planes. I wish I could do it more often. Someone "stole" my window seat on my last flight but I didn't want to cause a scene so I sucked it up. I could have cried, but I'm 46. That would've been weird. But yes I love it that much.

  12. You shouldn’t have sucked it up and asking to sit on your assigned seat wouldn’t be causing a scene. Next time ask the flight attendant for it. Even for insurance/health & safety reasons everyone must sit in their assigned seats because in the unlikely event of an incident they need to identify each passenger with their seats.

  13. I did and I’m regretful of it. He was sexually incompetent and it was horrible. The relationship lasted only a few rocky years and I’m not planning on getting married again. So it’s a no for me.

  14. clean work space is important. but a clean oven is less important. YOu need to make sure there aren't things that'll burn on the bottom and cause smoke or bad smells. but your food isn't touching the oven directly (except for a frozen pizza maybe) and the high temp means no bacteria is going to harm you.

  15. With all respect I disagree with this. Clean as you go, clean it up after each use and your oven will be clean in the long run. This is such a cultural thing and coming from where I do, I was horrified to see the ovens in rental apartments in certain parts of Europe. You can’t easily separate what won’t burn and what will to pick and choose your cleaning. And nonetheless, the oil will scatter inevitably and will burn and make smokes over time. Just clean it every time and prevent

  16. The inability to not feel trapped.

  17. You know as a child-free lurker here it amazes me how families were all fed up of being with their children 24/7 during the quarantine. This has obviously changed in modern times vs. our ancestors’ times where there was no childcare, but probably a great piece of land and nature for the kids to explore.

  18. There’s no loss. The cat has come back. OP has put up a misleading title for attention or whatever other intentions they had.

  19. You do realize OP made this post before the cat came back?

  20. Of course I do, and I questioned OP in a separate comment before it returned. OP has no evidence of a cat being murdered in the post body even before the edit, but they had this dramatic title without proof.

  21. In my experience, this is what I have seen but there are always exceptions.

  22. I just use a Pringles lid or any other jar lid for this and it works out just fine.

  23. Not sure why I’m being downvoted for this!

  24. This doesn’t really apply to all narcissists. I’ve seen many who are very anti social and wouldn’t do anything on social media.

  25. This is a wonderful idea! I have befriended some crows in our neighborhood. I bet they would love this. Thank you!

  26. You can peg them to a clothes line and yes, birds would love that for a cosy nest for their babies. There are 6 other ideas

  27. oh god this is not a compliment. just weird. he could have said "you look nice", wouldn't be awkard, wouldn't be this long winded pointless sentence and maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't freeze and just say thank you, because that's a compliment, at least.

  28. In fairness the conversation was pleasant at first (or that’s how I perceived it), but as we’ve proceeded, it’s been all about him and his job or a lot of tense contradictions about whatever that I say which turns me into an arrogant dick. But yeah, I gotta clarify that to him at some point soon.

  29. I did point out to him that smoking is a dealbreaker to me but I do like his company. He did make an effort for the next date and he didn’t really smell or taste of smoke (almost) at all. However, he broke into it the next time when I was at his place and also seeing his physique made me determined that I’m not interested. So yeah. I just need to find the right time to communicate the awkward stuff and I don’t know how to do it! Let’s say I’ve never straight up broken up with someone or haven’t been in this kind of a situation where I’d decided it’s a no after a few dates rather than the first one.

  30. I heard wasp spray in the face works well because it hurts more than pepper spray, shoots farther and the intruder will need to go to the ER for an antidote. Not sure if this is true.

  31. I mean even hairspray would probably work, wouldn’t it? (For places where pepper spray is considered illegal)

  32. I've never heard that about the sock and grease, that's really good advice.

  33. Sock is alway the top solution in reddit and in this case it’s an LPT!

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