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  1. What classes as a problem, a blown bulb or a blown engine?

  2. No, the Apple Watch will give you a notification pretty quickly though.

  3. Headlights look like a homage to the Lamborghini Miura?

  4. No, I also think they cook better from room temperature.

  5. iPhone 13 pro, gone fancy purely for the LiDAR

  6. What do you use the lidar for? I’ve got it on my ipad and have only used it to do a poor scan of my living room.

  7. I’m considering a 14 mini if they make one. Since Covid I work from home and often take my ipad most places where I’m likely to use a device for a long time so I don’t need a bigger screen phone.

  8. I’m just on the edge of 40k. I’m a business analyst, which is a role in tech. Basically I find out what business teams want to change, eg new software or process that require IT change, what they currently do (to the finest detail possible), map it out, highlight the gaps, and support the business through the project

  9. Yeh the fuel economy was insane. My favourite little touch is centre console. In most cars it's perpendicular to the car, whereas in the Hondas it's ever so slightly angled towards the driver which makes using everything so much easier.

  10. I’d check that again, my 2016 1.6d is ULEZ compliant.

  11. It may be different then, my previous 2013 had £0 road tax, but wasn’t ulez. They did a facelift in 2016 and is now £20/year, but ULEZ compliant. Don’t know how the government worked that one out

  12. You are correct that this would not be beneficial for design work and that it is purely for presentation purposes. But are incorrect that its functionality does not matter for a professional.

  13. Correct, plus people generally want to sir down and move their arms as little as possible

  14. Yes they are alot more expensive to maintain. But just one rule, don't go to the dealer unless you need a specific part. I have an e92 m3, and they asked 140 euro to obd2 read an headlight error. Welp i am taking it to a independent bmw specialist.

  15. It doesn’t affect them as long as they can connect to the net to get the time. My parents unplug theirs for days on end. Sometimes if you have a full power outage they can have problems reconnecting if the router has been off as well.

  16. Made about £30k over ten years with various schemes work did. They’ve been bought out now so its not going to happen anymore

  17. I tried one once when on holiday, apart from soapy water running down my legs causing me to slip around on the tiled floor and almost falling over, its a lot of messing around to do the do and then drying when a few wipes with paper is sufficient between having a normal daily shower.

  18. Its the same when people say minimum wage, minimum effort, then get pissy when they don't get a raise

  19. It is true, my old tutor of mine said if you want a promotion, you need to prove you can do the new job before they will even consider you.

  20. Broke the wheel locks. What the fuck.

  21. I work in the rental industry and we've had quite a number of Honda civics come in with the wheels stolen as well as the airbag out of the steering wheel stolen. Not really sure what specifically makes these items a big ticket items to steal. But we've seen a lot of it on civics specifically.

  22. Tyres on a lot of new cars with big low profile size can be expensive. In the UK, big performance SUV wheels are often stolen for the new rubber, some are £500 a corner

  23. That’s because they have factories manufacturing junk that other countries buy, we should take some of that ownership

  24. Why isn’t it a business? Operators pay for rights of certain routes or areas in exchange for passenger or goods fares. Maybe considered a monopoly, but they are heavily regulated by the government. However they are many other industries where the cost of entry is huge.

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