1. It’s safer for the public if people shooting guns knew it can be known it was their gun/bullet. Hence, gun safety…

  2. The “public safety” about micro stamping has been debunked for years. Here’s how you know it’s crap—the government is exempted. If it was about safety then there is zero reason to exempt the government from being mandated to do it too.

  3. Safer for the public and not the gun owner. Government doesn’t give a damn about that kind of safety.

  4. Side note, in the PSA sub people were posting that the front of the lower was snapping off, which at first really freaked me out. Then It was pointed out that people were putting ported barrels on them without ported slides and the pressure had nowhere to go. So it is not actually a QA issue it was an uniformed user issue.

  5. Right!?!? I had a mini panic attack before the person on the comments pointed out that MINOR detail.

  6. Call them whatever you want. The pro gun people who vote Democrat don't do so in large enough numbers to influence policy or don't vote based on this issue. The anti gun Democrat voters do.

  7. Don’t confuse Democrats with liberals. Ever since Clinton and the dawn of the neo liberals the Democrats have actually been liberals. They use liberal phrasing and window dressings… and then align with the Republicans to magically pass legislation that tends to benefit those that are already winning.

  8. I didn't call them democrats. I said the people who vote Democrat. You're so intent on making ultimately meaningless distinctions, in the context of this discussion, that you're no longer paying attention to what's being said.

  9. That? It’s the Democrats “one of the political parties” keeping you safe, peasant.

  10. No. The D's will not fight it. They vote the same morons in every year and wonder why things are so shitty.

  11. Too bad the S&W marketing team was allowed to put EQUALIZER on the slide. I just can’t get past that.

  12. If you’re family with the military M9 I think the Wilson philosophy with feel more familiar.

  13. I just love all the little parts of this bill that will be challenged in court..

  14. They’re not worried… they’ll spend taxpayer money money defending it. It’s a no lose proposition to them as long as they don’t get voted out.

  15. When I think of WA I always assumed frontier gun toting outdoorsy people. When did it become so liberal or its always been that way?

  16. Nice breakdown. Yea makes a lot of sense. So basically for locals and transplant none of these laws should come as a surprise? More so was a when not if type of situation. Wonder when the Bay Area will go down the same route.

  17. It's not even that it's "Of guns SUBMITTED to the ATF for tracing (large percentage here) of them came from the US"

  18. Yup, the data pool has huge and obvious flaws. There is no pretending at all that the guns submitted are a random selection.

  19. That's post nut clarity in action

  20. Don’t sleep with ugly women, problem solved.

  21. It’s not about a honest attempt at violence reduction. Here’s the top three clusters of firearms related deaths:

  22. I have my own 365 and never noticed it. Now it's all I'll be able to see.

  23. Yep. It essentially bridges a water gorge. Maybe 5 percent is high and over dry. Even that part is only like 44 feet tall, so yeah, if it's 48 feet only in the center, we are talking about landing in water.

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