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  1. My hopes arent real my hopes arent real… 🫣

  2. I work in HR in a manufacturing facility at a Fortune 500 company.

  3. That is a starter job for a 17 year old.

  4. This is normal my son had this when he worked at popeyes he was still able to get his pay direct deposited from the PAY DEBIT FLEX ACCOUNT.

  5. Im sorry but the Blank panther party you gotta fix that

  6. You do realize that most of us westerners get paid while we sit here and troll you broke ass russians every mcdonalds and starbucks or toilet stall is a defense troll farm id like to call it. Oh yeah im also half german and half black so my hate for fucking RUSSIANS GOES WAY BACK YA KNOW TO THE 80’s. So go back to moscow and take the beet soup with ya non cultered ass no melanin getting ass du arschloch du


  8. Have the fucking Lincoln project do all DEM ADS:

  9. china has never once expressed interest in attacking the US. the war would be defensive, against US invasion. and they would win

  10. ah, good old american democracy- forced on people at gunpoint! what a joke

  11. rich Russians that support Putin's children all hold double and triple citizenships so this ban won't affect them at all, they'll just take the test as citizens of other countries, so the ban will only affect ordinary Russians, and specifically ordinary Russians who were pro-western (probably they won't be anymore).

  12. Omg stop… your either 12 or very naive.

  13. Good now do putin please and thanks.

  14. Unfortunately killing a leader of a nuclear power is infeasible. We can only hope he actually has cancer like reports suggests and it kills him sooner rather than later.

  15. And 60% of americans don't have $1,000 in savings

  16. Neither does russian or chinese citizen but they also dont have 11 carriers

  17. Honest to god why even post this article in the first place just let the shit be because we already beleive this and know that to be false democrats gotta justify everything … thats dumb andits gotta stop.

  18. And thats why you aint gettin laid

  19. Russia has not read up on uncle sam huh

  20. My wife works 12 hour shifts i work 8’s we have a metric ton of kids i maker her every meal do all the cleaning take the kids to school we’ve been married 15 years. If you wanna stay married ..men..stop being lazy she can do bad all by herself. Hope some guys read this. Complaining helps no one.

  21. Putin we have a saying here in America… if you feel froggy den leap.

  22. I hate this game so much watch me spend what some people barely make in a year to show how stupid a game this… wow just great job we are dealing with morons here. The best part im not even mad at blizzard it prolly was experiment to see if they could.

  23. This aint coming from someone in the community its a pattern and we know that people ..Get Other Priorities…or marching orders from other entities.

  24. I carry a gun because…like… are you really gonna wait for the cops? To do what call the coroner?

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