1. I avoid xylitol because it makes me literally run to the bathroom within 30 sec of consuming it. I don't need that kind of laxative in my life...

  2. I can't give up my coffee either. On my fasting days I use a few drops of heavy cream. Just enough to make me think I'm having cream. And I do this with every cup...which is many. Then on my feasting days, I use half-n-half liberally. I've also tried coffee with lemon juice instead of dairy. It's actually not bad, but definitely a different flavor. I say do whatever helps you get through your fast.

  3. Has it stalled you or caused you to feel super hungry?

  4. For me, I actually feel like it helps suppress my hunger. It could be all mental though..lol. Having a warm cup of coffee offers me more than hydration. I find the warmth of it soothing and relaxing...kind of like a security blanket. I need that comfort to deal with the stress of work. Plus putting something warm to my lips, makes me think I'm having a meal.

  5. I suspect your pH level in your stomach is low, and your body is trying to compensate by increasing the stomach acid. This is what I do before or after every meal: drink a tall glass of water with a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. I drink it through a straw (to protect my teeth enamel). The added benefit is that the ACV helps reduce blood sugar spikes. Good luck.

  6. There's an idea that a few minutes cold exposure gives you lasting warmth for e.g. the rest of the day, while heat treatment only keeps you warm while the heat source is there. I've seen this from multiple sources, e.g. random paleo-type blogs on the net, an account from a homeless person in a book (plunge hands into ice water for a few minutes in morning to stay warm for rest of day while outside in cold weather), and advice from a physio for injury treatment (the warmth goes away, cold gives you lasting warmth idea).

  7. That's very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely looking at the cold as something to embrace (not fear) and as a possible tool to be used when needed.

  8. I wanted to chime in here and say that I've started red light therapy as well. It's only been a week so not expecting any amazing results. I bought a small light box so I've just been focusing on my face for the time being. I figured it would be easier to see changes in my face than elsewhere. Out of caution I've only been using it for 4 minutes at a time, once or twice a day. I want to slowly build up tolerance. I always use the goggles and I set a timer to make sure I don't go over my allotted time. I find the light incredibly soothing and I easily slip into a meditative trance, so yeah, a timer is crucial to avoid burning. I also noticed that my skin gets really dehydrated afterwards and I get thirsty.

  9. Thanks for posting this. It reminded me that I wanted to get this test done as well. I remembered seeing a discount code mentioned by Brad and found it. For those interested, "fire" will get you 10% off your order.

  10. Those numbers are very similar to mine. Out of caution I went for a CAC test (coronary artery calcium) and got the results..a big fat 0! You could do the same and assuming you get similar results, show them to your doctor and hopefully that will convince him/her not to put you on a statin.

  11. Ditto. Hit a stall with keto and broke through it with carnivore. One thing that surprised me going from keto to carnivore was that I didn't know I *still* had inflammation in my body. Cutting out that last bit of plant matter was an eye opener. You might find the same is true for you. Good luck to you!

  12. I hit a stall on keto too when I made the switch. I thought I'd try the carnivore diet for a week. Then it became 2 weeks and I saw a hormonal imbalance start to correct itself. That was a fantastic surprise! So I stuck with it for a month. Started to feel like a super human being and did it for another month. 6 months later I'm still eating this way and I never want to go back. I've been following the diet pretty closely with exception of coffee. I love it. I have it with a splash of half-n-half or cream. But I drink LOTS. There is no absolute rule to this way of eating. It's whatever makes you feel good that is important. So copious amounts of coffee consumption has not stopped me from reaping LOTS of health benefits (20 lbs down and 3 inches off my waist, arthritis in my toes GONE!!, skin like someone 10 yrs younger). I say this just to allay any concern that coffee will be detrimental to achieving any benefits. You will see health improvements - just give it time. Stick with the meat, eggs, (even dairy if you can tolerate), organ meats (I can't stand the taste so I do supplements), and enjoy your coffee. :) I'll enjoy a cup with you. Cheers!

  13. I bought supplements from "Ancestral Supplements". I have their liver, thymus and bone marrow, but they have other options. They recommend 6 tablets daily but I only take 3 or 4 to make it last longer. Each bottle isn't cheap ($50+) so do what you can. I take thymus to stave off my histamine reaction to cheese (which I didn't know I had!). If I forget to take it and I eat cheese, my nose starts to drip right away. It's pretty cool there's all natural solution (with no side effects!).

  14. Great advice. I've reintroduced some fermented foods back in to my diet with no issues: sauerkraut and kimchi. I can't go overboard with them, but a small heap makes a nice addition to a meal. What were the foods you first decided to try reintroducing (if any)?

  15. I've been asking myself a similar question - could my eyesight really have improved? I've been on carnivore for 6 months and it seems like my near-sightedness (had for the last 30 yrs) has oddly improved rather than worsened. I've *never* had my vision get better and being a programmer, my vision has historically only ever gotten worse. I still have to wear my contacts and glasses, so I wish I could go without like you. I'm hopeful that if I give this diet more time, I'll continue to see more improvements. I saw one of your later comments where you listed all the health benefits you've experienced. I've compiled my own list as well because it's easy to lose track of them all!! I'm up to 13 different changes. The biggest change which left me walking around STUNNED for weeks was the arthritis in my toes I had for about 5 yrs suddenly went away. 5 yrs of not being able to curl or flex my toes, and then one day after 4 months on carnivore, I got the urge to crack my big toe. And I cracked my toes about 20+ times a day for a few weeks after that, and now they are back to normal. No stiffness whatsoever. Are we aging backwards??!! :)

  16. For what it's worth, I've been doing the carnivore diet for 6 months and still drink lots of coffee every day - even right before bed!! I wouldn't dream of giving it up and yet I still noticed an improvement in my sleep quality once I switched to carnivore from keto. I go SO DEEP when I sleep - like a baby polar bear who is hibernating. I think the diet causes the body to increase the generation of melatonin. But it does take some time for this to happen. I think I didn't notice this change until week 3 or 4. So hang in there and keep it up. Just don't feel like you have to quit coffee though. To me that's more radical than this diet! Haha.. All the best to you.

  17. Hi - I've been doing this diet for 6 months now. If you're just starting out, I do have a few suggestions. If you're coming from the "standard" way of eating, I would actually recommend to slowly reduce your carb intake. Give your body a week to adjust before going zero carb. Your body is basically switching fuel sources and if you switch too abruptly, I have heard from others who did this that they experienced intestinal distress. So once you feel you are acclimated to low carb, then cut out all plants and go basically zero carb.

  18. I have been finding benefit from intermittent fasting. It stands to reason that if I don't eat then I'm not gonna have diarrhoea, which is a welcome respite. But over and above that, fasting reduces inflammation in general and gives my gut a chance to heal, particularly when it has been suffering from chronic inflammation for so long.

  19. Just giving my 2 cents from my personal experience (not preaching anything here). Since you mentioned the carnivore diet, I've been on that diet for 100 days now and have noticed some interesting changes. Because meat is so nutrient dense, there is actually little waste. I find that I am only going to the bathroom a couple times a week and even then, not much comes out. I don't feel constipated either, so that is not an issue. I was doing keto previously and did not have the same experience, so if you were trying to decide which to try, I would opt for the one that doesn't tax your system when you do decide to eat. (You can't fast forever!)

  20. I don't have any personal experience, but I just watched a video on youtube by "Real Food Carnivore" where she discusses her MRT results. It definitely got me curious about it.

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