glasses? or no?

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  1. Thanks. Another source for all this kind of stuff is

  2. This is really great. Your sister is very talented and thoughtful to do this for you.

  3. Then y don't live in a v6 col area. I have had it ha many times as a kid and adult.

  4. What's so adorable too is that if this is why you think people may not call or visit their parents... you've got excellent loving parents.

  5. Yes but there is a rs symbol I didn't see any thing representing beatles

  6. Oh I missed that. No Who? In the top ten with the Beatles too.

  7. There are a bunch of great ones here. I am g t through this in and do what you want w it. Trans Siberian Orchestra has some as well. Everything that's not a copulation album Ina conce album. They even have they story written in the cd liner notes

  8. You look nice both ways, but especially hot with the glasses on. Of course it could be the smile and not the glasses.

  9. Started high school in 1980, so I have been listening to it my whole life, even when it wasn't considered classic

  10. I have two boys who are now Calvin's age and real thing: graphic novels get way too little credit. Dog man, Cat Kid, the Investigators etc have vocabulary and plot themes absolutely on par with what you'll find in classic children's lit. Wings of Fire finally got my oldest to transition to traditional novels because the graphic novels haven't caught up to the main series. And the kids actively want to read them.

  11. So there’s this comic book artist named Rob Liefeld, you can look up his art it’s very divisive. In the 90s he was a big deal, since his early art is actually pretty well done and creative. He made the art for X-Men and Spider-Man a lot and the avengers sometimes, and it was huge. Very violent, very scantily clad women, very edgy 90s.

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