1. Gogol uses “палевый,” and I don’t think we have this color in English in the same way. It’s used for the color of what we’d call a yellow lab, for instance. It’s straw yellow, basically. It’s a little more complex than we think of just pastel pale yellow. No idea where the primrose would come from, but it’s probably a reference that made sense to audiences of the time at whom that translation was aimed.

  2. This is an interesting read. The first synthetic dyes were created in 1856, meaning the readers of this book would be working with limited palettes compared to what we have today. I wonder if that influenced this book?

  3. I believe Betty White was verified to have had ingenue + gamine. Scarlet Johansson is verified with ingenue + romantic. I don’t know how old she is, but it’s over 35.

  4. Thanks! Would you mind explaining what factors made you like NC better?

  5. I’m not super sure, but I think it may have been the clean simplicity of the outfits.

  6. Thanks again! I’m wondering if it could also have something to do with the cohesiveness of the boards; looking back I think the ENC board is a little too busy/not cohesive.

  7. You could always do another post after the weekend is over to double check. Maybe include some pictures of yourself in different outfits if you have things at home you can use.

  8. My actual serious opinion on characters, from the point of view of a person who adores character design, is that every aspect of the character is important because every aspect tells you something about the character. The figure yes, but also the way they’re animated (if it’s a cartoon), their posture, their speech pattern, the quality of their voice in general (the reason that voice actor was chosen was because their voice “fit” the character)their costumes, their outlines. The latter I think is interesting because Disney really loved to match their art style to the story they were telling. The art in Hercules brings to mind Ancient Greek pottery, for example. (That’s also why the CGI age of Disney annoys me.) just thought I’d write something actually serious this time.

  9. I’m not talking about super model tier. I’m talking about being slim with long legs, which you can be without looking like runway models.

  10. Nor am I? My point was the media’s image of “the perfect female body” differed from the image that was idolized by my peers, neighbors, etc. in my neck of the woods. I find it an interesting phenomenon.

  11. Well, I don’t see slim and curvy as opposites here. Having a small waist has always been desireable, some of what I’ve seen as media focus on ”curves” has been women with T&A without much WHR. In my experience it is the total opposite, media pushed fuller figures for a while, but it didn’t correspond to real life.

  12. I don’t know what to tell you man, the beauty standard in the media and in my hometown valued different things. Perhaps it was different where you live. I’m frankly not going to argue about this because it’s beyond silly.

  13. Based on the black and white picture, you can infer your contrast level, which I would say is quite obviously high.

  14. Here's an oldie that I hope has died out: FNs look masculine in glamorous looks. That conclusion could only be arrived at through olympic levels of ignorance. Like, you'd have to have lived on a deserted island with no knowledge of any female celebrity since the dawn of cinema.

  15. Here's my opinion: Don't trust any person claiming to offer Kibbe consults, as Kibbe does not train anyone and has not given the go-ahead to anyone else. I would choose a stylist 1) who does not claim to give Kibbe analyses and 2) whose styling you like. A few stylists go by essence systems that are obviously based on the systems of McJimsey and Kitchener and Kibbe, but have really made it their own and are transparent about that. (I really liked Elyssa's style analyses on Youtube for example.) And I'm sure these stylists have websites and pinterests so that you can take a look at how they style outfits and whether that fits with what you want. I'd also take advantage of subs like

  16. Some people like to include photos of themselves in different styles (makeup, hair, etc). A mix of those and plain-faced photos are probably best. I personally think candid photos are great for getting a feel of a person too!

  17. The Primaries (Red, Yellow, Blue) and Secondaries (Orange, Green and Purple); both Cooler and Warmer tones, and in lower, medium and high chroma. Not low cut, right under her neck is preferable.

  18. Another thing to remember is that photos of celebrities are awful to type by. They always have makeup on, for a start. Then there’s lighting and retouching as well. It’s fun, but nothing to treat super seriously!

  19. Wow, what a great analysis! My favorite on you (based on one picture, I would love to see more to compare) is ingenue. I think you can mix it with classic or natural if you like. I would stay away from dramatic and gamine, they seem to overwhelm you. You look more delicate/yin. I miss angelic. It could be better than natural for you. It has a lighter and softer color scheme. Although both are relaxed and flowing.

  20. Thanks so much for providing your reasoning. You're the 2nd person to say D and G felt overwhelming, the latter of which surprised me but I can see it now makes sense on a shape-and-color basis. I regret forgetting Angelic (ethereal elsewhere), as that's been mentioned a couple of times too. I never would have thought, honestly. I really appreciate my perspective being challenged because I never would've given N a thought either.

  21. If you think gamine could be an option I would try it. You know yourself best. Just for this specific photo I don’t see it. Although you have darker hair and light skin that theoretically could pull of some contrast I like you more in blended color scheme. Also your rounded eyebrows are very yin (ingenue). And your facial expression looks very ingenue. Maybe people would type a different photo differently.

  22. I actually don't have darker hair-my eyebrows are just quite dark and thick. But of course, I am covering my hair in a towel in this picture, so your conclusion is logical for sure. I wanted this picture to be as neutral as possible, so I kept everything very plain-no hair means no hairstyle, no makeup, no expression. I've pegged myself as a light spring, so your feeling on my color palette is astounding indeed!

  23. 1-3 are great for creating a T-silhouette, so I’d say FN and SD would look fantastic! I’m sure these can work with other IDs, but those 2 immediately come to mind. The last yellow jacket I think depends on the individual and not necessarily the ID. I feel the person would have to be fairly tall (so as not to be overwhelmed) to start and to have a boldness to them to match the boldness of the garment. So, maybe a tall FN with a very bold, artistic flair could wear the yellow jacket successfully. If I’m being honest though, I think that’s the sort of jacket that only looks good in the picture. Imagine this model out and about (i.e. not posing) with a Talking-Heads-esque jacket. She’d look swamped.

  24. Hey, I think you’re confusing Kibbe with Kitchener! With Kitchener, a person is a blend of different essences. With Kibbe, your image ID and essence are one in the same. So, I’m Kitchener a person would have Romantic + classic (say, 40%, 60%) and in Kibbe a person would be Soft Classic. Ergo, it’s impossible to be a classic-natural in Kibbe but very possible in Kitchener.

  25. I feelNatural for sure. There’s something else there that makes me think 100% natural styling would feel a bit lacking, but I’m unsure of what I’m picking up on.

  26. The first essence I interpret is Ethereal. I can’t decide what I feel it’s paired with, I’m afraid. Maybe natural and/or classic?

  27. Firstly, I love the cuts and fabrics on you. They look great and communicate casualness, which I assume is the intent. They also feel like they belong together in terms of texture, weight, and so on. I wonder if maybe the color scheme is making you feel drab?

  28. Maybe? I'm trying to wear more colors and actually getting a little bored of black. I think I needed to do something with my hair or wear a necklace or something. I was also unsure about the cut of the pants. But do we think it works?

  29. I like the cut of the pants! I think it helps that they're cropped and the fabric doesn't seem too too heavy. I wouldn't immediately think to add a necklace personally because you've already got the statement earrings. Having those and a necklace may feel a bit crowded. Plus it doesn't really make sense in the context of the outfit. Maybe something simple and inconspicuous would be alright though?

  30. There’s no lower height limit in Kibbe, so a DC does not have to be taller than anything. She can, however, be too tall. At a certain height, vertical becomes dominant and she can no longer be “moderate”. I’ve read that Kibbe has stated he’s not seen a DC over 5’6 (or at 5’7 maybe it was), so I’d say 5’6 is an acceptable height for a DC.

  31. Me too, I posted as I am not sure if my essence is ingenue or gamine. I guess it's more gamine leaning.

  32. I wonder about Dramatic + Romantic for you? There seems to be something “sultry”, for lack of a better word, to your overall facial vibe, as well as a sharpness to your face in general.

  33. Wow thanks for the help/input! It's rly interesting that you mentioned sharpness, bc I always saw some sharpness in my face, but my family always described my face as round and fleshy so I always thought it wasnt as prominent as I thought!

  34. As far as I can see, you've got fantastic, sharp bone structure-especially in the cheekbones and jaw. (The nose reads a touch sharp as well but has a softness overall.) I think it gives you such a "cool girl" vibe. The softness is undeniably there too and perhaps that's the roundness of the R coming through. But of course this is all assuming I'm correct in my interpretation!

  35. I really appreciate that you explained the reasons behind your thinking, I can definitely see the Dramatic now. Actually my chin is very pointy, especially from profile so sharpness is even more visible there.

  36. The first essence I interpret is Dramatic. I see sharpness, elongation, and boldness. I agree with what someone else said-that you have an elfin quality. Maybe ethereal is in there as well?

  37. Probably gamine then .. flamboyant gamine if you have width

  38. Quick correction: FGs don’t accommodate width per Kibbe. They are vertical (meaning they lack curve in the Kibbe sense) and petite (meaning they are small all over).

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