1. I think her and Arnold played similarly. They seemed like they were doing Adam West Batman.

  2. I seem to remember that the producers and director were trying to channel thr hokiness and humour of the 60s Batman series, but it didn't translate welll.

  3. Don't get me wrong; I loved it. It did seem like a bizarre combination: the humour of the Adam West series, with the atmosphere of the Tim Burton movies. Too bad it was just so....awkward.

  4. I had someone gift me a copy of that book. Knowing this is the guy who wrote it, I’m glad I never got around to reading it.

  5. I would have thrown it in my fireplace, but I have more respect for it than to feed it garbage like that book.

  6. They have been together a long ti time. That’s why this shouldn’t come as a shock since they never got engaged

  7. Not everyone believes in marriage. My wife's mom has been with her boyfriend for nearly thirty years...with no plans to ever marry.

  8. One of my favorite memories of being a kid was renting video games. The local video was store was about fifteen minutes from the house; my brother and I would debate on the way there which game to get...somehow the walk home would seem twice as long with that SNES game tucked in a bag, ready to be played - and fought over - by us.

  9. Mary Browns' is superior to KFC. And, they're Canadian, for those who like to support local.

  10. Damn Geoffrey really hit hard times since Toys R Us closed down.

  11. The correct response: "Give me something worth $300 in collateral and I'll agree. Otherwise, shut up.".

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