1. Better ssd like Samsung 980 Pro, but if you already have pcie m.2 disc it will at best 20-40% faster.

  2. I use sandpaper for better grip. One piece for cap and one for jar.

  3. Hand brushed (Tamiya XF-62) and clear coat with spray can over it.

  4. Are you sure about 5x damage? With current physics and random damage on flat roads it can be annoying af.

  5. How are you gonna have to relearn her from the beginning when 80% of her kit is the same? Every single core ability still has the same cast timings, ranges, and radius, with the exception of her transcendent R, and her E, which has only become MORE generous.

  6. Q with stacks will be played completely different. Changing range on W and damage outcomes is huge as well. I can’t tell how many mastery I have cuz till season 10 I played almost only 3v3.

  7. Slight timing differences, and a 50 unit range in the detection of picking up spheres (spheres, i should add, not minions. This is literally making it easier to not accidentally grab a creep.). Not even how far you can throw If you cant adjust to that IDK what to tell you haha... I think item changes and dragon/jg changes have had a bigger impact on how I play Syndra than this will. You survived the first disaster of a mid scope she got, I'm sure you will be okay once you try this and see how it all feels.

  8. Maybe, but for now I’m frustrated. I know that Katarina rework was bigger, but after that I left this champ forever. I hope it will not be a case.

  9. It's funny when I come across posts like these. Like what do you want them to do? Stop production of the game?

  10. I want them to just balance and adjust the game or add new skins. Like in fckn CS:GO. In last 5 years they added like 2 maps and 1 gun and it’s enough.

  11. Heal is garbage. Of course I’ll go with tp/cleanse/ghost.

  12. I would say that PE really don’t add much in 1/35 and in general it’s not worth.

  13. For American maps Royal BM17 and for Russian Azov 5319 even with only 200l fuel capacity.

  14. Only if you believe in American Revolution 😅

  15. There will be 2 paid vehicle DLCs at once? This one and Western Star pack?

  16. Was hoping for 5 games. KT vs DRX series almost always are exciting and entertaining to watch.

  17. I’m thinking about buying this one or this newer one (with anti javelin protection). How is this kit? Is it worth it, because it’s quite expensive?

  18. Can you explain why it isn't the greatest? Thinking about maybe getting one or two Zvezda kits after I finish my Tamiya backlog

  19. Their newer kits are really nice, but there is some reboxes of old kits with terrible fitting and manuals. Just check on scalemates before buying.

  20. Is this the Zvezda Tigr-M with Arbalet ?

  21. It’s not a way. YT is pushing lane further and further. At this moment can demonetize you for heavy swearing. In nearly time it can be any swearing. What you say then. Don’t swear? Don’t say lewd things? Don’t use dark humor?

  22. https://mobile.twitter.com/BlushySpicy/status/1486837731707604992

  23. So, we should buy bitcoins, to buy rito, to make W untargetable under turrets again?

  24. Most new champs is just unfun to play against. Even if they’re not strong at this moment.

  25. 2 sec or never. Take it or leave it.

  26. Sell DLC vehicles, subscribe to mod you not gonna use, buy modded vehicles and disable + unsubscribe mod (without selling them).

  27. I liked that stories, but I can’t access stories since last fckn week. It’s multi billion dollar company.

  28. It’s fckn multi billion company. Sometimes they can do something just for players.

  29. It’s like with Lee Sin Q. You hit it, so you have to go in. That’s the law.

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