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  1. Lol looks like a fourth grader designed it and, given the materials used in the interior? It’s worth nothing near 2.4

  2. Terrible model and photographer. No one sits like this. It’s the bad type of posing.

  3. It isn't "you saved 99%", it's "we charged you $1000"

  4. But this downplays the fact that every other hospital charges that and NYC has legislation where they can’t. Our city deserves credit for our social programs.

  5. I don’t see the claim of them resuming siblings art all lmao some of you reach way too far and are blinded by your snark

  6. I just feel like at a party of more than a hundred teenagers someone has to know/have seen something.

  7. Ever been to a party that size? It’s really easy to lose track of even your friend group.

  8. He doesn’t need bottle feeding. He needs kitten food and a shallow water dish + all household toilets closed to prevent drowning.

  9. Omg do not groom cairns or cairn mixes like this😭 you can permanently destroy their coats :(

  10. White cat is agitated af. Nip this in the bud or it’ll escalate as the kitten grows.

  11. What city are you in? Only a handful of cities have legitimate CL employers that reach out. Everything else is a wasteland.

  12. Her aesthetic is cheap foldable card table your gramp’s male you set up to be used for condiments at a bbq at this point. Where the legs stick because it’s so old and there’s a trick to opening it youve yet to master yet. You know the one lol

  13. Make yokels stay out of our city’s business again. She’s not going anywhere. Cope.

  14. When white kids do this do you respond the same??? Are you completely overlooking the fact that bullying like this in nyc is so rare it makes the fucking news??? Lol use your head, yokel

  15. "Clinic owner Dawn Todd told Storyful there were no serious injuries to staff, clients or pets as a result of the accident."

  16. Warehouse weddings were in in major cities like 5-10 years ago so maybe Tx finally caught up. Not trying to be a snob but the amount of shit these fundies like aesthetically are very, very 2012 (I’m looking at you gray floors, solid white homes and black painted walls…not to mention the clothes/hair etc)

  17. If you’re on a budget, it’s understandable but with a family this well off? Tiny cake and cupcakes seems like the guests are a bit of an afterthought.

  18. My dog just ran when he heard the clicks from this video.

  19. If op was close to anyone who died via suicide, they may not want to answer. It’s a question people rudely ask practically immediately irl when you mention someone died via suicide and it’s hurtful af since it’s nothing but morbid curiosity regarding someone you loved. Sort of degrades them to entertainment.

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