1. This might be my favourite story of the ones you've shared so far! There's something so beautiful about it, I don't even know how to put into words. Definitely going to give garudasana with a little more love next time I do it in a practice.

  2. So you're telling me all those times I was stressed out of my mind and spent an entire afternoon baking and/or indulged in pastries and sweets I was really just channeling Ganesha and his peculiar coping mechanism?

  3. Thank you for this! I think I can even find the connection between this story and why Goddess pose always puts me in a good mood: one of the things that holds me back the most is taking everything too seriously and constantly trying to achieve perfection. So in channeling the strength and fierceness of Kali against the demons I gain the strength to let go of that quest for perfection... And I get into a silly goofy mood where I truly let myself live and enjoy

  4. Oh I love that so much! You inspired me to find more fun and silliness next time I practice this pose :)

  5. I highly recommend! Move from side to side, bounce a bit, fold forward and shake your booty. As much as I love focusing on relaxing and slowing down, I find I gain a lot more from my practice when I allow myself a little space for silliness and joy

  6. The theory I read was that she was being harassed by the men in the car, purposefully hit and later further attacked, killed and hidden. So not really the same, but still certainly not the most common attack I've heard of

  7. oh, i usually see something that's similar, but a little bit different -- "she was hit accidentally by the boys/young men who were harrassing her, and they called their parents to help bury her and cover up the evidence."

  8. Yeah, as much as I think there are theories that are so unlikely they're not worth considering in 99% of the cases, I will also admit that the world is vast and there will probably always be one case where that theory is actually true.

  9. Oh, this is fascinating! How does peaceful warrior fit into this story, if it does at all?

  10. I still have reservations about this whole enterprise - it is based on a fiction book, not a biography, as clearly stated by the author Joyce Carol Oates. I really think books have a latitude to play with real life people that movies should be far more careful about portraying. To read something in a fiction book is one thing, but to see something in a major movie where real life people are doing and saying things they never did or said in real life, along side scenes based on real life events is as irresponsible today as it was 30 years ago in "JFK".

  11. Agreed. I can't deny this looks fantastic because it does, but I also feel like Marilyn's story has been told and retold and exploited so many times it's time to let it (and her) rest. Specially considering how so many of those stories have focused on the glamorous and salacious parts of her life and have nearly completely stripped her of her humanity in doing so

  12. Pinocchio is a story I never cared much for, I'm always down for Guillermo del Toro and stop motion animation so I'm incredibly excited for this

  13. Wonderful post! Honestly deserves a spot on the wiki. I would love to see more like this, can you do one on goddess pose?

  14. Can't wait to hear it! I love goddess pose, it's so fun for me and always puts me in a good mood

  15. I just need to know if I was the only fool that kept singing Fame all through the episode

  16. When it’s about immortality, is the “official” thread ever really late? 🤨 Photo source: author (aka me. Didn’t want to search for non copyrighted image!)

  17. Ok but now I have to type every one of the Winx based exclusively on ✨vibes✨

  18. Huh, I don't know about anyone else, but this isn't at all how I use Kibbe. For me it's about what garment and outfit shapes best fit my body as it is. If that ends up projecting some archetype, that's a side effect, not a goal.

  19. That's how I use it too, and I'm dabbling with and reading up on other systems to figure out the "projecting" part. However, it can't be denied that Kibbe created his system to include both of those things into one and that's how it "should" be used- we've just chosen to ignore the rules

  20. I used to enjoy Rachhloves, but somewhere after her kids she only does “viral Tik Tok makeup” or “things Tik Tok made me buy.” It’s getting old.

  21. Don't forget all those "trying a full face of new makeup" with a one minute update at the end filmed on her bathroom and done entirely in whispers because the kids were sleeping next door

  22. Thanks so much for sharing this and it's reassuring to know the mods have had contact with this community. I visited Kenya years ago and spent time with a women's charity group and visited the homes of some of the kindest, friendliest people I've ever met and it was an eye opening experience.

  23. That's actually a great idea! Maybe we can join forces with other LGBT+ communities on here and creators to make the campaign even wider? This is such an important thing I think we should spread it as much as possible . Though of course, I don't know how Emma herself and the other refugees would feel, maybe reaching out and working with a smaller community makes them feel safer?

  24. Omg this comment almost made me shit my pants cause I never heard that mentioned before LOL. The Reddit search function and Google aren’t pulling anything up for me so I don’t think she did. She’s still a fuckin nazi though 🤷🏻‍♀️

  25. I vividly remember reading it somewhere on here because I hadn't heard of the word before (we don't use that word in my first language, we translate it) so I had to google it and I was horrified. I'm pretty sure it was in this community too because it's the only one I'm in where the names of things are discussed like this.

  26. I can’t find literally a shred of it’s existence but if you do end up coming across a link I’d love to see it!!!

  27. I tried searching too but of course Reddit search refuses to cooperate today. Though tbh it's such a heinous thing that I'd gladly accept it as a false memory of mine if I can't find anything. I would rather deal with my mind making up and confusing stuff over people actually doing said stuff

  28. Definitely. I used to hate how wide my shoulders wear and would do anything to cover them up in turtle necks or generally high collared stuff. I avoided strapless, off the shoulder or anything open because I felt they made my shoulders look gigantic. The first time I wore am off the shoulder top after learning about Kibbe and that I didn't need to artificially shrink my shoulders (thanks, fruit system...) I was genuinely confused at how good it looked

  29. Apparently the Cherokee grandma myth started as a way for white families to explain away children with darker skin, when what had actually happened in the family was the r*pe of enslaved Black women and the taking of the lighter skinned children. Indigenous ancestry was seen as less bad than Black and grandmas were close enough to make it make sense while also far removed enough to be passed off as ancient history (and a grandma could be seen as "a man taking his deserved property" or "being bewitched by exotic beauty" while a grandpa would be the more undesirable "an Indian man stealing a white man's property"), I guess. And then it just stuck

  30. Weird thing in my family…we don’t have anyone with darker skin (not that it would matter to me). On that side, it’s all Scottish/Irish/English. I totally agree with you, but I have no idea where this story came from. The man that supposedly married my Native American “Indian princess” great great great however many grandmother came over early 1800’s, which is documented. So we are obviously a little confused here…this side came over fairly late (like 1810-1820), and then lived in the north (Ohio), so we honestly believed the story (how the heck do you end up with a name like “Greenberry”?)

  31. Maybe it's a myth that "caught on" and anyone that wanted to spice up their ancestry just decided to add an Indian princess to the family. Or maybe what one generation put forth as a theory to explain why that one cousin looked kinda different grew to become family legend in time

  32. Mine was Goldie Hawn back when I thought I was SN. Now that I've settled into FN I haven't yet found a new icon (recs accepted lmao)

  33. Reminds me of the woman they found in a wall. Older lady, had cats lived alone. For whatever reason she went to her attic. Possibly to help a cat I think, ended up falling between the walls upside down. She died. I think it was a good while b4 cops came & no one knew where she was. Fast forward, home got sold off , new owners do some work to the home, open up a wall & find her remains. Just terrible..

  34. It reminded me of Joyce Vincent. She was found dead in her apartment years later, no one noticed because she had no close ones and her bills were set up for auto-pay so there were no late payments. I think they found her when her neighbours realised they hadn't seen her in years but her they could hear her TV was on

  35. YES, people here always make fun of the image ID system but his color system is the real circlejerk material lmfao. Honestly it’s super contradictory unless you are of western European ancestry. Everyone else is a winter.

  36. He also says that olive skin always tans a lot and is only seen on Winters. If you burn to a crisp when you see the sun your skin is translucent and you're either Summer or Winter. As a extremely fair person that's gotten a sunburn in May but can look bright green in certain colours and is wondering if she may be a darker Soft Summer .... Imma have to disagree

  37. "I design clothes because I don’t want women to look all innocent and naïve… I want woman to look stronger… I don’t like women to be taken advantage of… I don’t like men whistling at women in the street. I think they deserve more respect. I like men to keep their distance from women, I like men to be stunned by an entrance. I’ve seen a woman get nearly beaten to death by her husband. I know what misogyny is… I want people to be afraid of the women I dress." -Alexander McQueen

  38. You know that weird chuckle/shocked gasp combination sound when something is hilarious but kind of horrible but also true? That's the noise I made

  39. I wouldn't be surprised if this largely gets bought by younger Mormon girls and teens. Mormonism is like a network. It's everywhere but you just don't know it, and they support each other.

  40. Ha, my best friend is Mormon and she loves Lindsay Sterling! That's as far as it goes for her I think though, but we aren't in the US so the cult/ure might be different here

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