1. Yeah, I'm about the same if not slightly shorter and I'm not that short. How freaking tall are the rest of these actors???

  2. They staged her scenes like Peter Jackson shot the hobbits to make her look even smaller.

  3. At least they will be familiar with all the equipment they'll be using.

  4. Well, I'm paying this from Seattle, and we don't give out anything to anybody. Plenty of recommendations and covalent advice to be ready, but not one thin fine in free stuff in the 40+ years I've been here.

  5. You might want to look up the cascade subduction zone so you don't look like such a moron next time you pretend to know something about things you don't know fuckall about.

  6. While it was undoubtedly a form of rapid expansion so could be described as an explosion, I'm not sure I would call it a deflagration. It has more in common with a Rapid Phase Transition of LNG or similar.

  7. All of mine are beaters, I buy mostly unfinished savinelli pipes from Italian sellers on ebay. Probably the same pipes they sell as seconds in the US. They cost less than half the finished versions in the US (highly dependant on the EURO/USD exchange rate) and are of excellent quality. Got a few shapes, but none of them are pretty enough to worry about babying them.

  8. Rockstar made a LOT of money by seeking the same game to the same people over and over again on different platforms. GTA 5 had been released like a dozen times at this point. They are the last people to show cross platform anything.

  9. One of the most eye opening experiences was when I found out someone I knew that was vehemently against welfare was on welfare themselves. I didn't know they were on welfare, I knew that they weren't well off, but they seemed to comfortably have their needs met. And their reason for being against welfare? They thought they deserved more and it was all those "welfare queens and their 5 kids" that were taking away "their money".

  10. One of the greatest accomplishments of the right-wing in the US was convincing poor people that being poor was a zero sum game and that it was the OTHER POOR PEOPLE that were taking food out of their mouths, not the rich guys paying them pennies for their labor and hoarding the profits from it.

  11. I usually dig out the stumps because they can rot and spoil the second flush if you don't.

  12. JAV is THE WORST with the old dude stuff. Like sometimes it feels like they went into a retirement home for male models, asked "who can get hard and wants to fuck a 20 year old" and took whoever raises their hand

  13. There is a pretty well established kink in Japan of pretty girls banging ugly dudes (called "Ugly Bastard" if you are looking for more), to a point where it's basically mainstream the same way that all the weird "step family" shit is in the US.

  14. Well, that's appealing for us real life ugly bastards to think "I too, can bang a 20 year old lingerie model!"

  15. To be clear it's a PORN fetish that appeals to men. There aren't a million Japanese girls just begging to get banged by uggos, that's kinda the reason why it's a fantasy.

  16. If you can afford a couple hundred bucks for a pistol, you can spend $20 on an actual holster.

  17. If you wanted to develop a skill you would have spent some time learning how to make a proper holster. You sewed a sack and then stuffed a pistol into it and declared success.

  18. Probably the safest beach in New Zealand the currents just make it hard to recover bodies so therefore *MYSTERY!!!*

  19. I wanna know if the dog was leashed. I feel like op was yta for this one.

  20. Right? There is a telling if this story that reads really different from the tone here.

  21. And the cop believes her immediately and thinks it's the funniest call ever?

  22. The cops very cleverly got OP to admit that she did it by acting like it was funny. It's probably not a crime, but it's going into a report and the neighbor will have confirmation to build her harassment case (or whatever her crazy brain in thinking this amounts to).

  23. Is that what you call it when someone notices that you don't have anything worth saying?

  24. I moved pass this conversation seconds after I posted last. It's really sad that you are so offended by these posts that you are going after people who never replied to you in the first place.

  25. I can tell tell you don't care because your posts explaining how little you care keep getting longer and longer.

  26. I am dubious about Russia's ability to actually DO what you suggest. They could absolutely fuck up the world, but I don't think they have the capability to actually execute an effective "first strike" type strategic attack. I think that if they were to use nuclear weapons it would at least start off as a tactical strike in Ukraine and then measure the NATO response with possibly more strikes to follow.

  27. What would nukes achieve in Ukraine? They seem like a great way to blow up cities but doesn’t Russia want those cities?

  28. It's been pretty thoroughly demonstrated that Russia would prefer to have a flattened pile of Russian ruble than an independent Ukraine.

  29. Don't forget that the judge also had to accept the verdict from the jury.

  30. Judges cannot overturn not-guilty verdicts in criminal court as far as I know.

  31. Mel Brooks is a terrific voice actor. Paws of Fury is also a children's reimagining of Blazing Saddles, so they probably felt obligated to give him a part.

  32. Bruh this isn’t about a KD ratio it’s just showing that people will make guns if they don’t have them. A better example of this are the rebels in Myanmar making their own arms because of the fact that they can’t reliably supply themselves with factory made weapons

  33. Point is that if he had done this is the US it would have been with better guns and therefore more dead people. German gun control absolutely mitigated the loss of life here.

  34. I’ll probably get downvoted but every time I see this breed I get the impression they are inbred for looks like brachycephalic dog breeds are. They look like they’re uncomfortable and struggling due to the constant panting shown in every video I’ve seen.

  35. Malamutes are working dogs that weren't bred for anything but strength and endurance, they are clumsy as fuck when they are puppies because they are so huge and top heavy. They are only like this for like half a year before they a get more coordinated.

  36. I met Susan Sarandon at the Sundance Film festival a bunch of years ago. I was working at the box office and she came up to me and asked what’s good (or the four movies playing at that moment). I suggested a documentary (I don’t remember what it was). She took the advice and told me she loved it after the show. Who’d a thunk it?

  37. Sushi was pretty popular in the US by the 80s and could be had basically anywhere.

  38. Ugh, I cannot believe I used to be like this as a Catholic in high school. One time a sweet girl brought brownies to share with the class on Ash Wednesday and I was SO RUDE. I responded, "Don't you know it's Ash Wednesday? A lot of people CAN'T eat desserts today".

  39. Should have paid better attention to the Ash Wednesday gospel reading, which is specifically intended to warn against exactly that:

  40. People don't read the bible. Matthew Chapter 6 explains in full detail why she will have no reward in heaven.

  41. This literal passage (Matthew 6:1) is part of the Ash Wednesday service, they read this to the congregation literally minutes before putting on the ashes specifically to caution people against doing exactly what this person did.

  42. Nope, I've received empty packages from Amazon before. It's maddening to report because they have an option for "I received an empty box" but the only options it gives you is you want to return the (nonexistent) product.

  43. You gotta talk to a real person at Amazon. I've never had an issue once I have gotten to a person on chat or over the phone.

  44. True but I also suspect drugs. I've been bathing cats since I was in middle school. I've had a lot of cats and none of them ever acted sane in the bath even the one that loved water 🤦‍♀️

  45. THe trick is to let the lighter burn for a couple of seconds after lighting, that should burn off any of the raw fuel that was collected on the top and seems to eliminate the taste.

  46. Something tells me selling full gun crates for the price of empty ones isn’t a very lucrative business…

  47. Sure, but it also makes sense that to traffic arms in such a way that it would not be apparent that this is what you are doing. That crate just got sent to the wrong address. Its presence in the warehouse at all indicates that it was intended to be sold to someone. It weighs like ten times as much as an empty crate, no way that no one noticed it at any point in the process.

  48. If anything, this shit has gotten worse. At least among the people that I interact with. Its gone from subtle little dog whistles to outright old-school overtly racist shit.

  49. Our shrine had a simpler slide like that, only more portable and smaller, may 30 feet long. Younger initiates would slide down into some kind of mild shock device. I was older than 50 so I was not permitted to do, but I was initiated in anyway. I’ve since quit the entire Masonry and its associated groups.

  50. My parents' were considering joining the Elks (i realize its a different org, but I expect having some similar issues) and reported a similar issue. They didn't have an problems with the organization itself and there were no policies or anything that were problematic, but they just didn't want to spend time with that many old racist / conservatives.

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