1. I'd proposed earlier that since Anet isn't terribly forthcoming about what warhorns have different sounds, I'd wanted to build a page on the wiki about it. I'd certainly like to figure out what sound I'd play on my temp over and over, as much as the skin.

  2. Hear me out. For legendaries you can make ONE. Whatever you find cheapest or easiest or want the most. Then that makes it so you don't have to pay transmute cost for warhorns. Making the rest of it easier. Then, you outsource recording the sound of the other two legendaries to anyone who is willing to donate their time. Then just make a youtube playlist of all the warhorns being used.

  3. Honestly, it didn't even occur to me that there were multiple legendary warhorns but of course there are.

  4. honestly, I understand how you feel. I'm at the point where I'm down to longbow, shortbow, warhorn, and rifle. The worst of it was making armor, but friends for raids help.

  5. Maybe, but it still doesn't explain why the shapes are different.

  6. its legit rain. Yes, she is crying, but she's also out in the rain.

  7. And say what you will about the US military budget, but dammit if they haven’t ensured that they will always have the best supply chain in any war, anywhere, any time. The US military is the single greatest achievement in supply-line infrastructure in history.

  8. I remember a story about a small group of soldiers being pinned down and unable to escape enemy fire. Luckily they had their radio and could call in for help, so that logistics chain redirected several jets and APCs to blast the enemies out for a hand full of soldiers.

  9. So using grid paper to improve your vertical lines and then learning to have a consistent x-height would be a great start. your letter heights all over the place.

  10. It's not just home runs, Coors field has the most fair territory in baseball so there is more ground for fielders to cover.

  11. This can't honestly have a massive effect on anything besides the extreme cases. The difference in air pressure shouldn't be more than 5 PSI. This might mean if a ball was 6 inches from being a home run elsewhere then it might make it in Denver, but at that point there are so many other considerations. The away team would have a much harder time playing because they dont train in that altitude. Lower oxygen should affect the away team more than any drop in pressure would have on the ball.

  12. I'm just too sexy for most of the women I hit on. That's the problem!

  13. Sorry, the best we can do is George Santos holding a flashlight.

  14. It’s an interesting career path to go from military service to tour guide

  15. Beats the hell out of being blown up a second time.

  16. Pretty sure many photocopiers also use a very bright light which produces some wavelengths in the ultra violet range. I remember seeing a warning somewhere to never photocopy with the cover open or look at the light source since it can damage your eyes. UV is pretty good at destroying most things, and paper is likely to be susceptible even if the damage is incremental.

  17. if they are both at the same altitude and 5000 ft above you, there is an entire circle both planes could be at that would mean they are equidistant from you.

  18. a special reshaping of the tip of the nib so it gets better hairlines

  19. What's up with American police just yeeting people out of cars only to beat the shit out of them?

  20. our police were largely built to support slavery and bust unions back in the day. Drag that heritage along with immunity from most crime, one of the most effective unions in the US leveraging the need for law enforcement for more pay and perks and tools and leniency, and top it off literal centuries of propaganda supporting them.

  21. I had to look up stbx. It made perfect sense and I kicked myself for not realising, but my first thought was that it was shorthand for shitbox.

  22. I was going for set top box. Like, the dude has a really good package with his cable company.

  23. Commander will be remembered as the bad guy in GW3, while we fight against the Krytan monarchy and defeat Livia, the final apologist boss.

  24. Hear me out. If we can keep this up and keep destabilizing the world, we can eventually overcome whatever plot contrivance keeps Braham alive and get him killed.

  25. syo says:

    Alternatively, we could build a new system, but that won't make billionaires more money so it's a no-go.

  26. you could build a new system with "vigor" and "enthusiasm" and everything needed to ensure participation. Gotta feed the hungry

  27. You've rocked every stone. Don't be sad there isn't something to aspire to, because the future will change that. Be proud that you've done what most wont.

  28. when your political ideology involves shooting black kids and making slaves out of women, I'm pretty sure it makes you an asshole

  29. Tate had no where to fall, any reasonable person could see he was trash.

  30. dude actually had millions from scamming easily manipulated boys. Tate had a fall. He just didn't have a glittering throne to fall from.

  31. Calligraphy, artfully handwriting, isnt the same as personal handwriting. Even calligraphers have their own handwriting they use normally. Graphology is a psychology based analysis and I said before in a previous comment that it isn’t exact but is INSIGHT into the POTENTIAL personality or mindset of a person at the time something was written.

  32. I have changed my normal handwriting twice in the last month. People can do this easily. There isn't insight into it beyond how they learned and what the person knows of handwriting. you would need years of handwritten letters and notes to get something of their personality from the handwriting, but at that point you have enough of their words to read their personality far better than any lettering can give you.

  33. If you’re reading a diary perhaps you’d learn more of course. Graphologists don’t analyze what is written rather than how. The what can assist if it’s personal to the person but the lettering is what’s important. Your choice to change your handwriting because you like it better doesn’t change certain traits that you’ll see throughout it that are effected by mood/emotional state, interest in what you write, opinion on a subject etc. Yes, multiple samples can assist in determining if the seen quality is apart of the emotion at that moment or if it’s a typical personality trait for that person.

  34. That's exactly what a capricorn would say

  35. Which Mirage/Mesmer build can solo some fractals? Staff/staff Mirage?

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