1. The "quality of life" is and always will be far above the national average in the vicinity of Central Street, stadium rebuild or not. These arguments are neither good, nor well laid out.

  2. Where does it really end? So sad so many people feel that this is a simple issue of ‘NIMBYs complaining again’.

  3. It ends with you living in an urban area near a stadium that has existed for nearly 100 years. It's not sad that people feel this is just NIMBYs complaining again- it's true.

  4. Streetcars are better than busses. Have a higher capacity but don't require the same amount of space building rails for a "metro" does

  5. Does this mean we'll finally get the official I'll Try Anything Once b-side on Spotify?

  6. The Protected Bike Lanes on Chicago Ave between Howard and Davis will be a game changer.

  7. Try to find a place in Skokie or north of Oakton St in Evanston and just take a different bus to go west than the one from Howard. For example, Evanston has the 250 that runs along Dempster that you can use instead. Evanston is a really nice area.

  8. I'd look at the weather forecast for this weekend and think hard about whether you want to wander around a city that's digging out of a gigantic snowstorm. I'm sure there will be bars and restaurants open, but it won't be super vibrant as most people will be hunkered down.

  9. They're asking about next week. I sure hope the storm doesn't last that long

  10. I hear Dunning is super happening this time of year

  11. I'll tell you, if you screenshot it properly.

  12. Roughly six months ago they said it would be done roughly two months ago. Welcome to Chicago!

  13. When I started using spotify way back in the day you could send recommendations to friends within the program and include messages. I don't remember when exactly that feature was removed

  14. suburbs aren't inherently bad, what we need is less car-dependent suburbs

  15. Wow that looks like a great trail!

  16. The 9 should go east to the Red Line too, same with the 49 and the 50

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