1. I wonder what Pandit Nehru, Dr. Ambedkar and Sardar Patel thinks about this. We'll never know, sadly.

  2. Konark on Residency Road, Delhi Highway in Indiranagar, Jalpaan in Jayanagar, Rajajinagar and Indiranagar, the classic Maiya's in Jayanagar. All good.

  3. They haven't gotten out of one since forever. They have a serious crisis but are effectively being proposed up by Saudi and other ME nations.

  4. There should be an instructions manual for such situations so that we don't embarrass ourselves

  5. There is. It's called "Sthalakala Bodham". But sadly, the brain forgets it exists when we need it the most.

  6. If I was the bro, I would've agreed with you. For more reasons than one. One of those jokes that works in unintended ways.

  7. I think partly it had to do with Shastri replacing Kumble. Had it been Dravid or Laxman, Kohli wouldn't have got that much hate since for some reason Shastri was seen as incompetent who just loves to party and booze all day

  8. That man has one of the best cricketing minds in India. Sober or otherwise. Needless hate.

  9. 50 50. As simple as that. All common areas equal split. Inside your houses, your cost.

  10. But doesn't the ground floor is easy to build and has more value when it comes to selling it.

  11. Doesn't work like that. You need the foundation to build your house also. Not just the ground floor. The pillars to both houses start from there.

  12. *multiple times per lap using dozens of flashbacks...

  13. Flat out through the tunnel to only miss the braking point at the Nouvelle chicane. Fun times.

  14. What's there to flex about it? We have to go miles and beyond in our journey, which will be very different from the countries who have previously transitioned into the high income economy. If India transitions into a high income economy, then India will be a very unique case study in economics.

  15. This isn't a flex. It's just news. The reverse was also posted when it happened.

  16. They ask you if you want to take in a child for whatever reason. But that option is not open when you're orphaned.

  17. I doubt the mod is a bhakt. When data claims are made, it is always ideal to provide the source.

  18. If it is anything genuine, they would patent it and make billions selling to pharmaceutical companies. If not, they would make make thousands fleecing people who believe in 'alternative' medicine.

  19. Sometimes patenting something may work to your disadvantage. Once the patent expires, you can't protect your formulation from companies that can beat your production.

  20. Idk about that. Toto Wolff and Christian Horner never reached the glorious levels of Mourinho vs Wenger shit-flinging. The toxicity is part of the enjoyment for me.

  21. No she's not around anymore. Too many people around at all times of the day.

  22. Okay, just one more Q...No tussle with BBMP over bribes over the 14 years (For the B Khata apt) I hope?

  23. They won't hassle you. Pay property tax on time and you're golden. I think now is the best time to buy a B Khata property, simply because there's a plan to regularise all B Khata properties to A Khata after paying a fee.

  24. Don't hold your breath for the A khata though. Every State Govt in the past decade and a half and every BBMP comissioner (about 20+ of them have come and gone) have tried for that humongous juicy pot of gold but usually an announcement followss by some fool running to the courts and courts, of course hand off a candy bar (stay) and cycle continues.

  25. Ugh. Don't remind me of fellow apt folks. I can already think of a few.

  26. If you read my first comment properly I’ve mentioned political preferences to be warped.. I never mentioned bjp or congress you drew that duality.. I didn’t mention a time period or a tense you assumed it to be the present. As you know the past three elections that have taken place was done through horse trading, having been said that horse trading and marrying your cousin is similar, it is both warped and unsuitable for the people including myself.

  27. Wow. Ok. I didn't think in such a convoluted fashion. That's on me. I purely looked at the first comment, "Shows our political choices to be warped and true" which was made based on consanguinity and it threw. I of course, didn't analyse the tense and so on. So again, my bad.

  28. I don’t want to comment on the neighbours cause I’m not a part of their affairs. I don’t live in this bubble of leaning right or left who ever has downvoted on my comment are in that bubble lol I’m a progressive I live in the age of reasoning and I’m exercising my right to criticise my government thats all buddy no hard feelings..

  29. what's the rrts and what's special about these trains if anyone can explain

  30. Regional Rapid Transport System. Basically, it's a new set of semi high speed train lines to be built around Delhi, to connect the surrounding cities to it in a better way. Lines are being built to Alwar, Panipat and Meerut via Ghaziabad.

  31. If people can live further away and only come for work, it might give Delhi some breathing space.

  32. I suppose that's the idea. Will help decongest the city and spread out the growth.

  33. Now I don't know too much about these things, but I think bigger = more downforce and smaller = less downforce.

  34. There's also small on the sides and big in the middle. Medium downforce.

  35. Shashi's vocab is very labyrinthine ... RajuA10's vocab is simple and powerful.

  36. Raise a complaint to the BBMP and BWSSB on the Namma Bengaluru App. Take photos and upload and someone should get in touch with you or fix the problem themselves.

  37. Last time I raised a complaint, it got passed around from person to person and got closed as a “won’t fix”.

  38. Credit Card doesn't enable anything. You do the impulse buying. Discipline matters. Same as debit card.

  39. when i told them I tried yulu and it was amazing when I visited the city recently, i found out a lot of people haven't tried out the yulu yet. Highkey recommend, best way to get around for short distances.

  40. Rode one from Koramangala to Indiranagar. Was a funny sight. 130kg dude on a Yulu. That thing is an absolute champ.

  41. Bangalore palace: I bet most of the Bangaloreans born here have never visited it lol

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