1. Thanks, this is something that I have been thinking about for a while and tend to agree is the issue. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything I can do (or want to do) to change that situation since I don't want to leave my NP.

  2. There are women like me out there. Meaning women with a nesting partner looking for a guy who also has a NP. We’re just harder to find.

  3. I’d go out on a limb and say that being called “gross” is a similar vibe. I’ve been called that before and it is hurtful and makes you feel perverted or wrong. I’m assuming “creep” makes you feel the same way. I’m sorry if you’ve been called a creep or gross! Not ok from either gender to do

  4. I’ve gotten called “disgusting “ and “broken”. There’s some comfort in knowing I’m not the only one with those experience though.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that. I feel likeminded to you and have been through similar. The only advice I have so far (bc I’m still out of control tbh, always have been) is to embrace the HS and rock it. It’s the only thing that’s really helped it all for me so far. Stay away from other possible addictions like stimulants especially. And the more creative outlets you have to take up your extra time, the less time you’ll be out of control with your sexuality. It’s helpful for me to paint and color and clean. Do you have any similar hobbies that help you, too?

  6. That explains my obsession with constantly trying new hobbies too. Thankfully I can now paint, crochet, play a variety of musical instruments. 🤣

  7. Positioning and angle can help with depth and gag reflex. Some penis havers like some ball and or attention on the back door during as well. Just have fun with it.

  8. Yes! Bi guys are so much fun in and out of the bedroom! Most chill dudes on the plant imo

  9. Absolutely completely LOVE your mom bod. XOXOXOXO

  10. Are men with below average peckers destined to be alone? Asking for a friend ;)

  11. Oh hell no. There is such a thing as too big though imo. Easier to deep throat, Stick it in your butt…you get the idea.

  12. Women who shave ... do you really *enjoy* the result, or do you just do it because you think it's expected?

  13. Would only ever sugar or wax that area because I don’t trust myself with a razor down there. I always leave some above the lips on the pubic bone because I feel prepubescent if I don’t.

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