1. The average 30 year old woman is def too young for a 50+ man. Also Menopause starts at age 45. At age 30 most women start having Kids and do it until 40.

  2. Thats fine if the wife works part time, she surely will have time to make dinner. But a man should be willing to Cook too, at least on the weekends. I do like making dinner and obviously most women are happy making their husbands a meal they enjoy. But its not like men are not capable of doing it as well....especially if both work. It would make me unhappy to do all the chores even tho we both work. Maybe Im reading too much into his comment.

  3. Women who have Sex are sluts but also women NEED dick or they will become crazy. Alpha male logic 101

  4. First off, is five weeks long for a relationship these days?

  5. Its not a long relationship. I had two long relationships before (1,5 years and 2 years) and this one is clearly not long yet. I made a mistake in my post by using that Word.

  6. I agree with both of them. I wouldn't have used the term cum depository but they're both right

  7. A womans vag doesnt keep the cum, and it cleans itself. Tho, people who have ONS use condoms, so no cum depo. there. How many partners are ok and by what number does a woman become a cum depo? 6 or less is okay, 7 or more not? Is a mans penis a depo for pussy Juice?

  8. This doesnt make sense if all or most of her partners used a condom. It doesnt make sense anyway... the cum doesnt stay in the vag, and the vag cleans itself. Do tzey think their cum stays in the body. But at least they agree that their cum is trash?

  9. The no jumper comment section on Youtube is so sad and full of low IQ teenagers or sexist men. One comment once celebrated a dude for not paying a hooker enough and using her (yikes). They generally think women have to prove themselves to be worthy of being respected by idiotic deranged men. Its obvious these people will call destiny cuck and obsess over his relationship. Dont bother arguing with them.

  10. so is it rape if you dont pay a prostitute? smash and dash sounds kinda rapey.

  11. Whether you call it rape or theft, its immoral and the fact they would find such a man cool is telling.

  12. Guys always seem to think that all female masturbation involves penetration. Even when we masturbate, they make it all about their dicks.

  13. But wouldnt a woman that uses a dildo whenever she Masturbates have a huuuuge vagina and huuuuge labia just bc of the dildo? Lmao

  14. But not when its the same dick! We dont know why it is like this. Its one of the mysteries in our world.

  15. That is beyond disgusting and selfish. The only thing he is thinking about is how his penis is going to feel while his partner is currently doing one of the most difficult and dangerous things she will ever go through. Ugh.

  16. Teenagers are notoriously insecure. He promises them security by validating and enforcing toxic behavior, that they would otherwise be judged for. Apparently, that's extremely tempting to people that struggle to find that kind of validation in their real life.

  17. I mean these dudes should learn how to Cook instead of simping for andrew Tate. They probably still get meals by their mommy for whom they dont have much respect... a Maid for them

  18. Its the bare minimum to AT LEAST not spew misinformation about anatomy and call it "facts". That makes a man unattractive as hell

  19. Dudes who Post stuff like this are usually boring too. They repost some incel memes and thats all the hobbies the got. Im Sure its him, not the women, that are super boring

  20. Locking up criminals for a long time is good, not using them for their sadistic fetishes. Think about cases where innocent people (yes its very rare but it happens) are locked up. Now imagine castrating an innocent man.

  21. This person strikes me as the type to claim the libs are censoring the data so they can't find anything about loose vaginas.

  22. They are too stupid to understand that consensual a rape play/ rape fantasy isnt real rape

  23. A lot of men are sexist online but Not in real life bc they real life 1. Their behavior has consequences 2. Many men are not serious about the dumb shit they sometimes say. Dont put too much thought into what peoppe write and say online.

  24. Everyone is apparently going through the 5 stages of grief when AI takes over their industry.

  25. The pervasive idea women shouldn't lift heavy is a shame. I would guess even most women think if they lift heavy they'll accidently look like a professional body builder.

  26. Only men that are unfit and dont go to the gym believe this myth. Also....her outfit is fine. Who cares so much? Most people are just bothered by her accusing a man of harassment for offering help. But incels used that to be sexist.

  27. Attractive for what? We don't look for the same things in a woman we want to date vs a woman we want a one night stand with.

  28. Well you do look for the same things, like her being hygienic and good looking. Of course for a relationship you ALSO care about her personality.

  29. If she had only one Partner she aint "pure" anymore. And innocence is also a weird term. She could have only been with 2-3 people and like wild rough stuff. What does innocence mean?! Men and women shouldnt cheat and be bad people.

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