1. A big part is just misunderstanding the term assault weapon. Many people interpret it as full-automatic weapons, which obviously isn't the case. But the term assault weapon is a bit useless anyhow because many jurisdictions have a different interpretation of what counts as an assault weapon. So two people talking about assault guns could talk about different features of guns.

  2. Works created before 1978 had to renew their copyright in the 28th year for the protection to extend. This need was eliminated in 1992. So anything created in 1963 and earlier that did not renew their copyright protection has entered the public domain.

  3. You should go for a check-up. Pepsi MAX has no calories so just switching to water shouldn't have affected your weight. And while caffeine withdrawal could have explained the symptoms for the first 1-2 weeks, it should have stopped by now.

  4. One key aspect is to keep adjusting the odds based on the betting behavior. So even if a bookie makes an initial mistake with their odds, they just adjust the odds to influence the betting behavior until they are back in a situation where they always win.

  5. No, at the very least you would be guilty of littering and have to face the consequences of that. But there are more laws that could be broken and civil damages incurred that you have to compensate for.

  6. Yes, technically I think someone can report it and you would receive a ticket for being illegally parked. But there is a high chance you can have the ticket thrown out afterward, especially if it's a private parking spot.

  7. I think it is a private parking spot. The space I was occupying for a short time was the entrance of the fence. Now that I'm looking back at the image on Google Maps, it's a empty land with grass and a few cars parked in it. Does that still make a difference if say it wasn't a house torn down and just a empty land of grass?

  8. You should stop worrying for now. It is so unlikely that anyone reported you that any further amount spent worrying is pointless. You are taking much bigger risks all the time without thinking about them.

  9. Hot or cold things. Some pain is relieved by warm temperature while others by cooling it. And I know frankincense is also used as a pain reliever but I wouldn't call it readily available.

  10. These rules are usually set by the establishment rather than the law so they have the final say.

  11. I agree with ya but I just think it’s funny on Wikipedia it says a “shirt” is a cloth garment for the upper body (from the neck to the waist). So a tank top would be a shirt and that makes sense because most businesses will accept a tank top.

  12. Would be interesting to know if the definition of a shirt predates the existence of sleeveless shirts such as tank tops and tubes. But I can't find out when the definition of the word shirt was last updated.

  13. So it can win if it's from 2nd Edition. But 'ancient' is 3rd+. And the pilot decides to run into the dragon, as there is no other way it can touch the thing.

  14. In 2nd edition, we would need to talk about stoneskin not protection from normal missiles. Stoneskin lasts until all charges are used up and protects against all non-magical attacks. A Venerable red dragon can't cast the spell themselves (1 age class too young) but as a 4th-level spell, it isn't too unrealistic that a dragon of that age has access to it somehow especially given that it lasts forever.

  15. Few washing cycles get hot enough to kill bacteria anyhow. So there would be no difference between using a hot cycle and cold. The detergent you used would be more important. But unless your toilet water was full of feces I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  16. If one water doesn't kill bacteria in a washer, doesn't hot water kill bacteria on spoons and forks?

  17. It depends on how hot the water is. Washing machines rarely get to the 150 Fahrenheit/65 Celsius needed to kill bacteria. They usually max out at 130/55 with many settings being even lower. So there is no difference between hot or cold washing cycles when it comes to sanitizing.

  18. Melatonin, it's a very mild sleeping pill that is sold over the counter. I use it a lot when traveling to fight jet lag and it does really help.

  19. I would put my money on "I know right" or maybe "well what can you do". I doubt it was intended to be mocking. Mocking would have been snickering. Or looking away while laughing.

  20. No, I doubt the audio quality will make much of a difference in the music you like. High-bass headphones are even a double-edged sword. Headphones can't produce the amount of bass that a subwoofer or even regular speakers can, high bass headphones overcompensate for this and distort the music. This works great for some music but for other it doesn't work. And considering that 170 Euro is still entry level of high quality, I don't think that the quality will be deciding factor. If at all it will be the balance of the headphones. Maybe if you invest in 1,300 Euro headphones quality starts to play a bigger role.

  21. Find private property where burying people is allowed and bury them myself. Either by buying said property or obtaining permission from the owner. Will probably have to be remote due to price but shouldn't be too expensive.

  22. Before 1997 boats were a lot more dangerous. The existence of rogue waves wasn't proven until the late 1980s and so ships weren't built with them in mind. And as it turns out rogue waves are a lot more common than initially expected. In 1997 the maritime organization updated its safety and structural requirements for large cargo ships (150m and bigger) to make them safer.

  23. Singers and Actors just have an easier time appealing to the masses. Their entire profession is built around entertaining as many people as possible. They are earning the most money if they do this. Scientists and doctors don't really deal with large audiences. If they are out in the public they aren't doing their job. And it's also not as easy to understand their achievements. It's unreasonable to expect every person has enough understanding of Chemistry, Physics, Elctrical Engineering, and Biology to understand which breakthroughs are noteworthy. Everyone can understand and appreciate good entertainers.

  24. Yes, totally possible. You need about 50-60 candles to heat a 150 square feet room the same way a 1,500-watt space heater does.

  25. That depends on the contract. Most places regulate subleasing or outright ban it. So you would need to gain permission from the landlord before the other people move in and the landlord could deny the request. But if subleasing is explicitly allowed without requiring approval by the landlord, or isn't mentioned at all it usually is legal. In this case you could create a new sublease with the remaining tenant without having to inform the landlord. But this is very rare nowadays and you almost always need the permission of the landlord.

  26. Yes, if it weren't allowed the old video would have been removed already. You just need to find music where the copyright holder allows the use of it. You most likely won't be able to monetize the video and any ad revenue generated by the video will go to the copyright holder.

  27. This isn't an America only problem. Many memberships in Europe also have a minimum contract duration during which you can't get out early. If you just stop paying the contract won't be voided so you still do end up owning money. You usually need a valid reason for canceling early such as moving. Gyms, phones, internet, and rent all very commonly have minium durations.

  28. Yes, it does happen but to successfully sue someone you need to have damages. A 14-inch sandwich doesn't really cause any damage even if it was advertised as 12. But if you get delivered.

  29. Contact Gmail customer support, there is nothing we can do. If you used your actual details, such as name and address there is a good chance you can get it back if you provide things like your ID and proof of address. If you used fake information the account is gone unless you pay for it.

  30. Creating new characters inspired by them is 100% fine.

  31. It has always been that way. As you grow older you just have to deal with this kind of thing more often and start to realize it.

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