12 year-old boy robs gas station at gunpoint

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  1. Corporate giveaway from a stainless supplier. Stainless wasn't always as common as it is today and in the 50's and 60's, makers of stainless products marketed pretty hard to a less familiar market.

  2. Hey, thanks! I have a feeling it's 50s era, just from the visual and aesthetic clues, as well as that being a popular time for traveling sales samples- I live for finding obscure things- fascinating to no end :) Thanks for the helpful answer, I appreciate you!

  3. OK, breath. What you are going through is hard and it's normal you are upset and scared.

  4. It almost looks like a 'furry puss' caterpillar- the larval stage of the flannel moth- one of the most poisonous caterpillars in the US.

  5. Where in the article did it mention a woman's head sewn on a man's torso? I just read it but didn't see that, maybe I missed it.

  6. Where is the reference to a woman's head being sewn on a man's body?

  7. Hello love! I won't be able to read for you at the moment, but I'm just wishing you strength as you go through this time. You'll be more than okay. 💝

  8. The way I see it... In a customer-facing business (because even if you're not ' running a business ' you're still doing business,) and if you don't have happy customers, you literally have nothing. All the inventory in the world cannot make people buy from you, especially if your customers aren't happy. I have Zero problem offering discounts for bundles, repeat customers, and people who I have good interactions with. It often turns them into repeat customers. I’m willing to work with anyone, and I say that in all of my listings. I mark prices up to give myself wiggle room for offers and discounts, and with that approach, I always make my bottom line. But I'd rather sell 6 items at a discount, than one item at full price, if those six items come back and turn into 8 more items, than that one full price item, with a customer I'm not willing to work with, and no repeat purchases. In the long run, it benefits the seller to develop a rapport. Not only with the customer you work with, but it reflects in your reviews, often, and will encourage others to do business with you as well.

  9. Wait, what? I'm so confused... This whole thread is discussing this seller and I didn't post their username on here? Kona Sol is a brand name NOT a username? and my comment that you replied to is still up?

  10. This whole thread just got out of control, and We have been doing our best to keep things safe for everyone, although we're aware that there are some pretty fast people out there. It's hard to reign in things like this, once they get out of control, if you hadn't noticed. Because of how easy it can be to look up a seller by the items they sell, I was simply trying to limit exposure, but, I realize, the thread has already gotten way out of hand. You didn't put anything that would typically be considered doxxing, but as crazy as it got I was trying to prevent it from getting any worse.

  11. He just ducked into the hospital lobby for a free blood pressure check.

  12. I'm giving you a one woman standing ovation in my garage for that masterpiece. Bravo, Good sir.

  13. Can you just... Move your head? I'm really interested in those mirrors behind you. They're very pretty. And you're in the way.

  14. My aunt worked at the only gas station in an extremely small Northern California town, and she got robbed at gunpoint. At first, she thought it was a joke... We all watched the security camera footage, it was actually kind of terrifying. She quit working there shortly after that. The guy was eventually caught... In a town with a population of about 500, if you're not from there, it's not hard to find out who you're associated with. Luckily no one was hurt, but if my uncle would've been there, I guarantee that guy wouldn't have made it very far. Rednecks don't play.

  15. I have a shrine to Amazon in cardboard in my garage. I pull from that if I need a box. I also get boxes from friends and family

  16. Is one really a flipper if they do not have a cardboard shrine somewhere? Oh and a bubble wrap effigy. Excellent free packing materials are better than gold.

  17. Yiiisssss. I also have a butcher's paper and contact paper pile! With all the fragiles I ship, it's like half of my garage x'D

  18. I usually set up one photo location and have everything I want to post to the side. When I'm finished with that item's pictures I just pile them off-camera to organize later. Then when I post I have a fill in the blank draft that I keep in my memo's and adapt it to each item. Typically takes me anywhere between 3-5 minutes to post.

  19. I got some advice on the matter, being someone who lists thousands of Anime figures.

  20. Just explain to them the benefit of bundling. I've encountered a lot of buyers who aren't aware it's a thing. There's no reason for them not to appreciate the gesture, honestly, and it does make everything easier. As long as you run it by them first and let them know, they'll most likely be on board.

  21. Yes, it's counted as your total revenue. You have to subtract shipping, fees, cost of items and maintenance, and whatever other deductions, yourself.

  22. Stitch Fix is not a selling platform, it’s a personal stylist fashion service where they send you a box of curated clothing. I think you mean ThreadUp, which I would not recommend, you send all of your items to them directly, they process them, list them, and if you make a sale, the customer has 14 days to return the items. You only make a small percentage of the sale, it’s basically an online consignment shop- not at all like Mercari.

  23. ThredUp is horrible. Pennies on the dollar, at best. Avoid at all costs as a seller.

  24. I really don't have much to give, but since my business depends on guys like you getting my packages from A to B safely, and I literally couldn't do it without that, to show my appreciation for you and your fellow couriers I'm actually downloading the app right now, and I'll make a small donation.

  25. I did not spend it unknowingly. I completely remember adding $4 to the payment. I got $8 back onto my card but didn’t get back $4 from the seller dashboard. Why hasn’t it shown up in my dashboard?

  26. I'd reach out to Mercari. They tend to respond to me fairly quickly when I email them at

  27. I saw some too, I don’t know how to add photos on here.. but honestly, I’m really hoping so. Just feels wrong in my gut.

  28. The easiest way to add photos in comments is to make an imgur account and upload there, and then paste the link here in the comments. I struggled with that for way longer than I'm willing to admit before I figured it out, lol.

  29. Not to mention- why the hell would a human trafficker use such obvious hints such as intentionally using the color blue because that's supposed to relate directly to human trafficking. Mercari also monitors private messages. People need to stop feeding into these urban legends, all it does is hurt real victims.

  30. Thank you for the reply. There’s really nothing you can do though, unfortunately

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