1. Hi unfortunately because of religious purposes i cannot do meat

  2. If you own a house have you considered getting a roommate? Btw I’m a health care clinician. Nurses are in very high demand. Some of the travel nurses make 4k to 5k a week. It’s crazy.

  3. Current student at eastern in the DS program. I would say do not do it. The "data science for everyone" sales pitch is garbage. It's a money grab. There is slow support if you are struggling and they have a "throw you in the deep end" mentality to most of the courses. If you already know r and python at a intermediate working level you will be good. If you are green and don't already have a solid understanding of these languages and research statistics it will be a pricy ticket on the struggle bus.

  4. Wow ok thank you so much. This is such good information

  5. I am thinking if you have a non STEM major, then yes.

  6. I am a home health Physical Therapist Assistant. Two years of school. After that, I make my own hours. I work part time with 2 different companies and see around 20 patients a week (4 a day) whatever time of the day the patient and I come up with. I get paid $60/visit.

  7. If you are in the top of your class, apply to US or UK colleges as an international student. A lot of the tech companies sponsor for visa and hire right out of college or during internships.

  8. I “started” with python, couldn’t learn it well, then learned java, and then learned Python. In my opinion, it was extremely helpful to go java —> python, so I would say c++

  9. How did you learn Java? I reckon it’s harder than Python

  10. I learned Java in school. I think I responded to it better because of how specific everything is. People say Python is good for beginners because it’s so simple, but that actually threw me off. Having to be more verbose in Java allowed me to understand why I was doing everything better

  11. They have C for Engineers but I believe you gotta be enrolled in a particular program to be able to take it.

  12. Python then, as much as i LOATH saying it, most people - including professors - are not good at C++. Unless the professor specializes in it (which is a possibility), odds are he's just got the basics if even, and will spit those back out. Especially for introductory classes, it happens fairly often, and C++ is easy to get wrong.

  13. This particular professor is someone my sister took. She was previously struggling with Python and she took him for C++ and suddenly has no issues picking up new languages. She stated he made things extremely clear for her. Here are his reviews:

  14. You know this is the web dev subreddit and not the computer programming one right?

  15. Yes I’m so new I did not really understand the difference. But others were thankfully able to help me still and steer me in the right direction for which I’m grateful.

  16. Here's a list of videos by TraversyMedia I recommend to all new web devs. There are a couple paid Udemy courses in this list, but you can omit them and just focus on some additional tutorials from TraversyMedia's channel - but if you ever have the money, I highly recommend the Udemy courses Brad puts out. Brad is the mentor I wish I had when I started 13+ years ago, and this list of videos/content is the path I wish someone had given me when I started - would have saved me a LOT of frustration, self doubt, and imposter syndrome.(I just copied from a previous post I made as I wasn't sure if the link to the comment or the actual list was best to have here for others.)--------------As a 13+ year web dev, who works FT and freelances on the side, this is what I would do if I was just starting out and didn't even know how to code:

  17. Here take my award. I can’t express how amazing your help is ! I DMed you to thank you s as well

  18. No, don't. Have honor instead. Do the right thing. Get rid of it properly. If you really want one, buy one or get one the right way.

  19. Nothing wrong with keeping a rosary from the Catholic perspective. It is seen as disrespectful though to wear it as jewelry. It's a prayer aide, not a decorative item or one meant to be worn for spiritual protection.. Since you/your neighbor are not sure who's it is though, I would turn it in to a lost and found if it looks "fancy" Think made out of something other than plastic beads (such as wood or decorative metalic beads with a metal cross) Typically those are more expensive and may have sentimental value to important milestones in Catholic tradition.

  20. Nothing fancy, its plastic and the end of the cross is broken. I think their husky chewed it.

  21. Yes, it is fine to keep it as they gave you permission.

  22. So it's a gift from a Christian who regards you. Awesome!

  23. Thank you but the end of the cross is broken. I think their dog chewed on it.

  24. I am in Eastern's program, presently. Whether it's a good option, depends on your goals. I would suggest that you view the curriculum and determine if it aligns with your goals.

  25. Thank you. I just need structure to learn Data Science is all. Having a hard time teaching myself

  26. Don’t hit on the girls in your class unless they seem interested. No reason to make your college experience even more miserable.

  27. Dating apps? They are an absolute nightmare.

  28. Oh me 100%. Started 1500 cico plant based. Went from 180 to 140 in 6 months.

  29. I’ve lost 15lbs (220 to 205) in around 2.5 months on vegan OMAD, and I’m not even strict about it! I try to keep fats/proteins high and carbs low. I have tons of energy and am really enjoying the results so far.

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