1. We do that on snowmobiles. Stick a foil pack of food on the exhaust manifold on a break, go ride for a bit and have a nice lunch.

  2. Do the people filming not have an ounce of self preservation? I'd be out of there as soon as Mr crazy started banging on my car even if I had to run him over to escape.

  3. That Boeing AOG team makes a mean scaffold they had that up within the day from scratch.

  4. That's not a scaffold, that's a deck. Slap a smoker on that baby and have the boys over. The scaffolds I work on are a metal and shaky

  5. How do you guys vacation in Europe? Trains, Busses, Planes, everything really is running on a 24h clock.

  6. People who can't understand how to subtract 12 from a number probably don't make enough money to fly to Europe.

  7. Im gona debunk that right now ive always used a 12 hour clock, just started using a 24 hour format, still mix it up sometimes in a rush. I can indeed fly to Europe

  8. Key word there "can't" not try and get it and sometimes mess up.

  9. Movies glamorize the hell outta flying when the reality is absolutely not fun at all lol

  10. I know I'm in the minority here but I love pretty much the whole experience. Even getting through security because I have precheck is easy.

  11. Or really good fitting in ear monitors. If they fit right they block way more than anc in my experience

  12. I met someone like this at college. She was terrible at portion sizes and never counted beverage calories.

  13. I don't count beverage calories but I also only drink water and about twice a month I'll have a glass of whiskey.

  14. I commuted for years by bike and never lost one to theft.

  15. I once saw a really nice bike for sale that the entire frame was electrical taped yellow to make it less attractive to theft.

  16. I grew up in Toms River and it wasn’t until I left that I realized how shitty some of Toms River is.

  17. Wait till you leave NJ and go somewhere where where random people will stop and help you if you're having car troubles.

  18. Brilliant idea imo! Leaves time to get out or flush the drugs.

  19. It's Brazil so they're probably just loading more magazines and nailing the doors shut

  20. Bruh fuck you, USA has an average of 45 THOUSAND deaths per year because of guns, and then you want to tak about brazil? Just in this year there were more than 300 mass shootings in the USA. Even after all of that, its brazil that is loading magazines to kill one another

  21. My laptop has a 3060 and room for more ram. I also mapped the fans so it runs around 60C on the gpu and cpu(laptop components are rated for 90C btw). Some laptops are upgradeable and can run cool now. They are definitely louder but I use headphones with active noise canceling anyway so I don't hear the fans.

  22. There was a case in Texas a year or two ago where someone in a truck tried to run over a pair of cyclists, one of whom drew a handgun and fired, killing the driver.

  23. There's nothing wrong with selfe defense if you need to do it to save your life and according to you the court agrees.

  24. Every hotel I've been to sets your keys to expire on your checkout day at the checkout time. Even when I've had my room extended they had to extend my key at the desk.

  25. uc meow wolf is pretty neat if any of you get the chance to go

  26. Its regional. I was riding by lake george and skipped my chain over my cassette. Every one of the 4 people that rode passed me asked if I needed help even though the first one had stopped to help me already. I got a flat on a trail in NJ and even though 3 times the amount of people were on the trail not one person offered assistance.

  27. I would normally take it really easy but I tested positive on the way to a cycling Mecca with my bike in tow- so I’d like to start up again tomorrow, as I only have 5 days left to ride. I had the antibodies a day in and now at day 7 I’m symptom free except for some general tiredness. Is it a bad idea to test the waters on a short ride tomorrow? Or will I regret it…

  28. Fuck it, you're at a cycling mecca. Sent it as hard as you can every and recover when you get home.

  29. The problem isn't it's unsafe for you to carry a gun, it's unsafe for you for other people to carry a gun. These are supposed to be trained elites, the best the police has to offer and they're this incompetent. Imagine how bad your regular joe is.

  30. I wonder how it would look if you took out bicycle deaths and motorcycles getting rear ended nationwide.

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