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  1. Pics are not clear but I believe those are lovebugs. Nothing to worry about. They dont bite. They are harmless and beneficial also. Very short life spans too.

  2. Indeed I am. Just restocked today so if you hurry there should still be some good ones left. Make sure to quarantine it though as I've heard that many people are finding their ppp's with spider mite infestations.

  3. I think all locations that have the blooms department received PPP from HEB’s main plant supplier. To be safe, you could probably go to a nearby HEB plus, but quite honestly, I got mine from a regular old HEB location.

  4. Does this mean illegal hunters get a minimum 10 year sentence? Seems harsh.

  5. Don’t pull the vegan stuff on us. The guy above was trying to be humorous.

  6. Do you think they’d be comfortable for long distances of walking?

  7. I think so but I also love insoles so I put insoles in mine. Also klogz are super comfy once you break them in and made out of rubber. Non slip

  8. This reminds me of the time someone brought a painting into Antiques Roadshow and one of the volunteers recognized it as his own work.

  9. Idk why but I want this fucking shirt. I’m a female and I work as a call center team leader, but I waaaaaant it

  10. These are funny but I definitely wouldn't want them on my dining table.

  11. Banana chips are no better. Baked lays are great 👍 the baked Cheetos are no different at all. I also like skinny popcorn. Or butterless microwave popcorn. There's a low calorie butter seasoning or everything bagel seasoning to jazz it up. Ranch seasoning.

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