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  2. That Alabama cocaine bear would give it a run for its money.

  3. Yeah, I chose Aislinn cause she is the more interesting of the two, but I honestly wasn't feeling much with either of them. The hookups were way more interesting than those two.

  4. I still think Cody would have left. He wanted to be a babyface so bad and that wouldn’t have happened there

  5. He can’t be a babyface forever though, even in WWE (unless your name’s John Cena) you gotta be able to switch it up from time to time, and he definitely knows that. So I don’t think “being a face” was his sole reason for leaving.

  6. Legally idk if he can discuss what happened, I could be wrong. I mean hell he touched on the Vince McMahon drama so idk if anything is off limits for the guy.

  7. Yeah and it’s not just about star power it’s also about having a connection with your hometown. Cena is a huge star but I don’t really associate him with Massachusetts the way I do SCSA with Texas.

  8. I did. Did you pick the hair down Gabriela too?(or open hair Gabriela, whatever that sprite is called)

  9. I chose Gabriela with her hair up, I think she won me over when she sung to those sick kids in the hospital. Cas won me over when she took the fall for her Venandi clan members. I honestly don’t know who to pick now.

  10. As a guy I kinda feel left out when I don’t read the female locked books, so I’d prefer they’d just give both gender options so no one is left out.

  11. I’m replaying it right now. I might be in the minority here but I think it would be cool to se PB return to the art style they used for Endless Summer at least one time.

  12. I just finished Crimes of Passion, I didn’t have my hopes up for this book because I thought it would be cliche, but it turned out to be one of my favorites all time. I think what really makes this book a home run is how likable our favorite Drakovian Princess/Prince Trystan is.

  13. I haven’t done this book but 3, no doubt about it. I love red hair on women

  14. Wait is a pickle jar with holes in the top a good fly catcher? Because if so I’m willing to try that.

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