1. So is this going to spawn normal rainy lure pokemon or bugs that are in the wild during the bug out bs?

  2. The bonuses seem very plentiful, going to be a good day for sure.

  3. He's a great guy but doesn't perform that well anymore, sadly. Kind of a similar situation when Kimi left Ferrari the last time. It's hard when you can't get mad at the team for dropping a favourite driver, when you understand the reasoning behind it.

  4. Lol that's nothing. You should've seen Christian's nips on the last lap of Abu Dhabi 2021.

  5. Many of my friends did what they wanted and fucked their lives up before turning 30.

  6. He must be at least 80 years by now, based on the age of sBinalla meme.

  7. It would make sense, these are labeled "gl", as in "great league". And great league is active then. And instead of great league, it should be master league. Usually it goes GL-UL-ML, but now the cycle goes GL-UL-GL before the final week of the season.

  8. I have high hopes for Bug Cather pose. Let's hope it's one of those that seem to be swinging the net, but leave the net out for pokemon go, so the avatar just stands in a stupid position holding air.

  9. It is possible lol. Can't say for sure, but it would explain it

  10. Yeah the GBL is a mess atm. Almost every battle is "weak connection" while my connection elsewhere is excellent.

  11. The continuous flow of time towards the inevitable

  12. The continuous flow of time towards the inevitable

  13. No way they'd be available from raids. Surely Niantic CAN'T put 4 new 'mons in an 8-hour time window? That would be absolutely ridiculous.

  14. it won’t be hard to catch one of each. it’s your decision to grind for “good IVs.” most of the player base is casual, remember.

  15. It won't be hard to catch one of each if you schedule your potential day off around it, which I don't see casuals doing. Especially if they don't live in an area with a lot of players/gyms.

  16. Most of the playerbase is indeed casual. And I doubt that casuals schedule their potential day off around a fomo event in a mobile game they play casually.

  17. It would be hilarious as shit it all the other teams did that.

  18. Nothing special, just confirming the return of Mika Häkkinen & Gigakubica

  19. Randomizers with abilities in general is pretty busted, even if you choose not to use legendaries. Once I got huge power snorlax as a starter and just reset the game.

  20. Older than Gen Z, but at least in the case of my country (european one) I think you're wrong. Can't talk on global scale, of course.

  21. There's no way to use an upgrade to speed up the review of location edit. Maybe a photosphere could help players to pick the correct location?

  22. bring remote raid passes back please niantic...

  23. If only they'd understand that taking the remotes away and nerfing the remote raids makes the game a worse experience. But no. Niantic needs to get us walking in order to get that movement data and do those AR scans.

  24. It's like trying to see the positive side of getting a solid turd thrown at your face, because the last week it was diarrhea.

  25. Open williams seats on the other side of the fence

  26. Always ends up with "the old switcheroo"

  27. Ricky from Trailer Park Boys seems to be doing well these days.

  28. The euphoria after a proper work out

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