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  1. Hey OP I just ate an entire can of soup. Soup is easier to eat than regular food. Or even better, drink some milk! I'm positive you can break this record!

  2. I will continue to increase my daily caloric intake but I have to do it slowly and carefully because I have countless dietary restrictions. I have loads of health conditions that came on suddenly last year after I got food poisoning. So I have food poisoning induced Gastritis, which led to Gastric Ulcers, Severe Acid Reflux, Esophagitis, Esophageal Damage/Inflammation/Ulcers, Hiatal Hernia, etc. So I have a ton of restrictions. I can't eat canned soup. The seasonings in chicken soups make my conditions wat worse, I am not allowed to eat tomato or anything acidic and the fat in dairy (milk) triggers everyone's stomach to produce more acid, and I unfortunately cannot eat things that create excessive acid reflux because my Hiatal Hernia keeps the gate between my stomach and esophagus open 24/7. I'm already sleeping sitting up for 6+ months, trying every med, tea, supplement and random cure I find online... all I cam do is try to strike a balance and find ways to safely increase calorie intake, within the confines of my dietary restrictions. Thanks for your suggestions though.

  3. Hey OP! Sucks to hear that! I have a similar issue, which limits my options (except it's less worse), I'm a picky eater. To combat this I have made a notebook filled with foods that I like and how to make them. This way, I can make sure I always eat something that doesn't affect me negatively. I assume you have already tried something similar. Keep trying OP! I believe in you!

  4. This what happens when you never skip arm day!

  5. Hahaha benefits of the push pull legs training split 😂 cheers man

  6. Compound exercises are the best for growth lol

  7. Anon wants premature baldness, bacne and rage issues.

  8. I searched up "foods high in estrogen" just to make a list of foods to avoid. We are not the same

  9. Go ahead and start your podcast. You don’t need to start any sort of business to do that.

  10. Just about improving your life etc. I see a lot of people around me struggling with mental health and other issues, but rarely do I see support. I want to set up a podcast to guide people making a first step towards improving theirself and continuing that way

  11. Hey OP I know this is not gonna sound helpful but is there any possible way you can make BOTH work?

  12. Hey OP, try homemade high calorie milkshakes. I found it helps me save a lot of time cooking. All you need is 10 minutes and you can drink it whenever you feel like it.

  13. OP plays Fallout: New Vegas

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