1. I've listened to a sample audiobook and I liked the narrator but I couldn't listen for very long because she had sing-songy inflection to all of her lines where she would go up and down in all the same places, if that makes sense. A lot of audiobook narrators do that and it annoys me so easily lol.

  2. Yeah I get it, the way a book is read makes it or kills it honestly.... one narrator completely ruined a serie for me (to be fair I probably wouldnt have liked it anyway but the narrator has such an annoying voice..)

  3. I'm absolutely the same way! And I'm so picky about them that even an objectively good narrator can turn me off from a book if I dislike how they're reading.

  4. None of them. I had a conversation with a friend who mentioned having a bed with a footboard and how much he hated it because he's quite tall. I'm also tall so I ended up buying the Tufjord upholstered bed frame which is very nice.

  5. A lot of modern romance reads as HP fan fiction to me haha.

  6. The love hypothesis used to be a fanfic so it's reasonnable that you'd be reminded of fanfic tropes ahah

  7. Yeah ahah right when i first saw the cover I thought "dang looks like reylo imma buy this" and turns out it was

  8. Instalove and unconvicing miscommunications.

  9. The author gives a little bit more information:

  10. I'm my dad's first and only child and he had me at 41. It's never too late :) age doesn't matter here, don't worry

  11. Cruel Prince is my all time favourite so I'd 100% recommend it.

  12. Would you say it’s worth it to buy the entire cruel prince trilogy? Sometimes I’d just buy the first book and see if I like it but I’m a bit tempted..

  13. I'd say it depends if you're a fast reader and if you can be patient or not....

  14. I absolutely adore his character. More chaotic bi wizards!!!!!

  15. Don't insult my wife ever again ty

  16. I've recently finished The Disappearances of Draco Malfoy and idk if it counts as a war fic exactly, but as a book 7 retelling it hit ALL the spots.

  17. 20-9 says:

    I played the NaNoRenO demo which was a complete outline and not the recent one, but sounds like

  18. I wasn’t a fan of what the room requires, but I haven’t read ninety five percent, will definitely check it out.. for the most part I haven’t gotten into Colubrina’s works.. I know they are beloved and plot heavy and long but I am never invested in the romance component of them.. I read Lady of the Lake because it’s Dark Hermione but I lost interest. Maybe it’s just me because it’s T rated idk 😐.. do you have a fav of hers that you recommend?

  19. Aww well if you want some more mature theme from her I'd suggest this one: But the Darkness Alters

  20. I know I've read many fics in which she's not miss perfect, but for the life of me I cannot remember any... I dug up these two but I'm not 100% sure this is what you're looking for...

  21. NTA. I did the exact same things at your age and you wouldn't believe how many times I had to hear "why are they naked?" from classmates and the likes

  22. I can't pinpoint the exact moment I started liking this ship... But as a lot of people out there I just love the rivals/enemies to lover thing. I guess the slap/punch did me in? My crush on Tom Felton ? My love for Hermione ?

  23. You can check most of colubrina's work, they're great and she usually doesn't go into much details if at all :)

  24. Mostly like yours and also a holier than thou Hermione... Like she can make mistakes and be stupid sometimes, she's clever and doesnt mind getting her hand dirty to do the job, so I like to read that.

  25. i havent heard Colubrina actually, what’s some of your favorite fics from them? also i would highly recommend fallout if you’re into very (beautifully) wordy and angsty fics

  26. oooh i think i’ve been rec’d the wrong strain before so now i really wanna give it a shot :)

  27. While it's true that EA has always been greedy, I could just not buy the packs I didn't want in the sims 2 and 3 and still have a blast. Now I desperatly buy new packs just in hopes it finally brings some fun back in the game....

  28. If I'm gonna fall in love by ColubrinaI

  29. thank you, I'll read soon,and thanks again for the recommendation :D

  30. I feel like I always recommend the same author but she has so many different fics (lenght and plotwise) but I swear I read other things too. But yeah. Colubrina on has got quite a few nice stories :)

  31. Eeeeh I got them too! My Draco arrived a few weeks ago I was soooo happy! They're adorable 💕

  32. I like how I put on the same hair as you did ahah I didn't make them wear scarfs but my Hermione's got a book in her hands ☺

  33. I don't think I could pick just one, it depends so much on my mood! I would always recommand Colubrina's stories, I think she writes beautifully.

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  35. Really anything by Colubrina, I like how she portray characters.

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