1. Kingbrite hands down best bang for your buck. Takes a bit to ship and arrive but I haven't been happier with my 2.

  2. Ive had all this trim sitting around and want to make tincture with it, but have been doing my research and not sure of what method to do. Could someone explain their process or drop a link ? Also curious how id measure the potency since its trim and not too many buds, thanks

  3. My trim I calculate at 10%, not sure the exact. Decarb bud. Freeze bud and everclear with dry ice. Perform 2 10min extractions allowing for cool down between them. Evap the alcohol off (can be dangerous).

  4. Because my uncle jim Bob said his weed is better because he does it

  5. Imo miracle grow causes too many issues with the slow release fert. I'd avoid it if possible but I'd it's all you got them roll with it

  6. I thought so too based in the way it looked vs an over watered plant so I upgraded the air pump, however it didnt seem to help.

  7. I 2nd the ow issue. "Overwatered" plant in DWC is an OW issue in the root system. Possibly need more airstones or maybe issues with the roots themset

  8. Fuck yeah. Just harvested one and planted another. Good uplifting high, citrus smell, good yeilder.

  9. I Use 5 of these and was wondering if it will slow the root growth since it always has a consistent water source.

  10. It's a liver enzyme thing. Basically your liver works too good at breaking down cannabinoids. I have the same issue

  11. I got to say it looks moldy. I'd love to grow some good Indian weed

  12. It's also not fully legalized in VA yet either. You can legally have an oz or less for recreational. But they still don't have legislation for recreational distribution. You can only legally purchase with a medical referral. I believe it won't be fully legalized until 2024? I can't remember the source article so I'll edit if I find it.

  13. No worries. They know why your there when you walk in. Most people don't grow lettuce

  14. True lol especially with it being legal now idk why I’m so worried just there so much “gray areas” atm in ny

  15. Imo read up on your laes and don't take hearsay as valid. A lot of people in VA are openly having farmers markets, not legal but popo doesn't seem to care

  16. Yes and maybe. Weed stores probably won't mild but will lose THC

  17. Hydro? Check airstomes. Looks like your plants are drowning

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