1. Everything in the normal Bill of Rights, because I sometimes have to wonder if the government, too, has forgotten that teachers are human beings

  2. Add “extension” questions to your classwork. When you introduce the topic, explain to students that when they finish “Step 1,” (foundational knowledge) they should continue to the extension.

  3. Bit of an off topic question: Out of curiosity, what two maps were being compared, which borders were analyzed, and how? I’m a bit of a social studies nut so these sort of things intrigue me

  4. Just out of curiosity, is that including or excluding excused absences?

  5. Glad I’m not the only one who thought it was silly

  6. I feel like either this is this teacher’s first semester teaching or they were there when the American education system was created and age has made them callous (am I using that word right?)

  7. Apparently if they don’t want their kid posted on any social media accounts affiliated with the school, then the parent needs to fill out a form. It should be the other way around.

  8. Or, you know, it should just not happen in the first place

  9. The "Liebe Grüße" at the end was really important to show how German he is, just in case nobody read his username

  10. Oh God, I just realized my original comment said “was” instead of “what”, let the record show that I am also not German

  11. Are there any Black staff you can chat with before running it up the flagpole? America has a

  12. Are there any ways for you to shut yourself up before I do it for you?

  13. No, I mean Caleb is heavily implied to have been involved with a Clawthorn, meaning Belos is her several times great uncle

  14. Why does everyone think Evelyn was a Clawthorne? The name is a bit like “Edalyn” and she has a wild hairdo, but that’s about it, and that’s not a great foundation for claiming they’re related

  15. Also the similarities between Flapjack and the palisman Eda’s dad has. As for the other stuff, it doesn’t take much for someone in animation to link two characters together. If they aren’t related, then the show is intentionally leaving res herrings

  16. They’re both birds cardinals. What of it? There have been countless Palismen carved over the years, there are bound to be repeats.

  17. Doesnt excuse the behaviour tho

  18. This does not prove your point. He shot at the officers. Twice. It’s not a case of “this is a high stress scenario where the officers should stay calm”, it’s a case of “this guy has proven himself to be a threat, we need him restrained and quickly”

  19. Personally, I think I’d prefer Hunter over Camila. As I said in another comment, Hunter sacrificing himself would be poetic-he was created to help Belos help the Collector, and he is destroyed defeating the Collector. Also, there hasn’t really been anything to imply that Camila is going to die. As I said in another comment, there’s a difference between a clever ruse and just kicking your audience in the dick.

  20. To be fair, pretty sure Dana would be the type to cause misdirection about a big plot point she has planned. She makes it sound one way just so the crushing blow is worse. For all we know though she could lose Eda instead.

  21. There is a difference between a clever ruse and kicking your audience in the dick. One is good writing. The other’s a cheap and lazy way to get a rise out of your audience

  22. There’s a background photo in late S2 that shows Willow having a bday in her plant uniform, which implied she’s turned 15 since meeting Luz

  23. Would it not be possible that Hunter turned 17 in that time?

  24. praise kink is always a weakness of mine and one i put in pretty much all my smut drafts. im a sucker for genuine love and affection in smutty work

  25. This is why I only read smut if it’s tagged “fluff and smut”

  26. I know about MIA and FMA, what happens in the other one?

  27. I really don't know what to hope from him.

  28. This may be a bit of a strange theory, but I have taken an interest in one proposed by NSAF: It’s King from the future. She cites the fact that, one, it looks like a more grown-up King, and two, he appears to be running towards Luz before stopping to catch his breath as though he’s been running a long distance-i.e., through time itself-and then waving, as if he recognizes Luz, which he most certainly would-after all, Luz is his sister

  29. You said you’re watching it for the first time and used an image from the sixth movie

  30. The novelization of the universe handled it so much better. Moffs consolidated what power they could in star systems that were vulnerable after RotJ. The Republic rose again and attempted to bring the old Imperial splinters to heel. It retains order but leaves plenty of room for conflict rather than leaving a universe with a huge power vacuum.

  31. Didn’t they actually end up letting the Imperial Remnant keep existing?

  32. A post imperial/republic galaxy might be an interesting setting. Sorta like Europe after the fall of rome

  33. I was thinking more Warring States Period in China

  34. I don’t think I can give you an all time favorite, but I can give you a top three:

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