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  1. Did he....try to stop the car...with his body?-

  2. If a police officer flags you to stop, you don't try and run them over, unless you want serious charges tacked on.

  3. Yee, obviously - but i wouldn't jump in front of the car- would you? Like, it's not like a human body can't really stop 300 HP or what that is-

  4. Two things that I know lock, pitbull jaws and women's hands on another womans hair.

  5. https://www.reddit.com/user/bbygurlmax/comments/whjfjj/squatting_on_11_inches_wanna_see_how_well_i_can/ij7iykq/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  6. Their cake day was 100 days ago. Just a little Reddit Fetus - They try so hard that they're cute.

  7. Problem is its likely a scam by her, granted the stores story of her wanting cash is true. She orders something, puts it on a card but then wants a refund in cash. Later she'll reverse the credit charge with her provider = free money and however much of dinner she had.

  8. Yep, the first thing that came to my mind, was why she wanted cash back when she knows damn well she paid with a CC.

  9. Are you and said friend comfortable with frolicking? Plenty of parks near the zoo, of course, clothes are a must.

  10. Maybe look up a YouTube video on how to clean your home, and save some bucks too.

  11. Post a picture up! I'm positive we can help grading your yard.

  12. Please know I’m saying this from a place of being as nice as possible: it definitely reads to me like your trying to find a date, and maybe that’s why gay men are getting confused. I would be much more specific about an interest you want to form a group around. Actually pick one of the sports and get a game going etc. just my two cents, best of luck!

  13. So the circle jerking and sausage fest could be throwing off these men, eh?!

  14. Beer or pop delivery driver. Make pretty good money but it's hard work

  15. Can I drive the car remotely though, via an app, I don't feel like leaving the house....

  16. Dublin Bridge Park area, then take the bridge walkway to Old downtown Dublin.

  17. Sounds like might need to just stick to riding a bicycle.

  18. I think they need like 5 or more roundabouts added west of 33, on Post Rd, and make it an endless loop of frustration for all drivers.

  19. For you, maybe. For the people adding "I did that" stickers to the pumps, I'm pretty sure their blood pressure was up. I wouldn't say their ideas of blame were particularly sound, but the way they worried about $5 gas cost them a few weeks off their life.

  20. Aaaah yes, those nervous nelly's, that have zero clue how the world economy works. I think those folks will always have anxiety, no matter what.

  21. Invest in a self-defense weapon and some martial arts classes.

  22. The Rent-a-Center is icing on this shit cake.

  23. Thank you for posting this. I've been looking for someone who eats ass and was not able to locate anything on Yelp or Angie's List.

  24. Should've pumped some lead into that shitty pet owner?

  25. Same thing happened to the NV governor a few months ago. The GOP assailant was a racist asshole that kept insulting the governor's asain wife and daughter. After the assault he held a press conference saying he'd do it again and was going to run for office himself.

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