AITA if I refuse to "de-baptise" my aunt?

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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  1. Definitely setup a meeting to talk about why he only has 1 hour clocked. And make sure the meeting is in runescape

  2. This is probably the best AITA post ever. NTA for sure. If she seriously believes dumping some tap water over her head turns her into a bad person, maybe she’s just a bad person lmfao.

  3. People want no risk with reward. That’s really it tbh. It’s a fun experience

  4. There’s no difference between her saying you asked for it, and you dry humping her against her wishes and then saying she asked for it. Gender is irrelevant. Like what, she’s mad at you that she can’t literally rape you because you pushed her away like tf

  5. Might wanna plug in power cables to your gpu before you turn it on :p

  6. Everyone keeps saying what bad cops they were and (fuck cops, for the record) if you look at the situation objectively, it’s hard to fault them. They showed up to a domestic abuse scene with an admittedly drunk and angry yelling man and a (presumably) panicked sober woman that each had different stories and they had to make a call between who to believe.

  7. Don’t worry when she’s legal they’ll lose interest🤢 pigs

  8. Ah yes, let’s just jump immediately to the pedophile card… 🤦‍♂️

  9. There’s a reason why the lottery is referred to as the poor man’s tax….

  10. SSD for sure. 4GB isn’t a lot, but an SSD will make the larger difference 100%

  11. Backlight died. Probably better to just replace the entire monitor.

  12. OK I cleared the game cache and now it says (+0.5 fps) above my 9.5 fps. That's throwing me off. Is it not just 10? Lol

  13. Basically you can still pay bux for an extra .5. It caps out at 10fps. However with the addition of the tech tree, it goes faster. So if you maxed out your elevator rn, it’d be 10 + .5

  14. As amusing as it is, you don’t need to hear that shit. Block his ass

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