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  1. Garbage change. Will be removing my crypto from the platform. Was cool while it lasted... so disappointing

  2. Does anyone have any problems with it leaving little crinkles in your hair after using the wrap curlers? I have thin silky hair and every time I curl it, it leaves crinkles from the divots on the curling attachments? Any recommendations?

  3. I got this for my GF as a Christmas gift and she has this same issue, but only on the left side. She thought it was defective, so had them send new attachments, but having the same issue with the new ones. Did you figure out what it was that was causing this?

  4. Thanks, I got the shiny from this raid! But not sure how to post it lol thanks for contributing :)

  5. I've recently been experiencing a very odd occurrence with my PS5. When I am connected to my TV by HDMI, i have a stable internet connection, but if I switch HDMI cables to connect to my monitor, I instantly lose internet. I spoke to PlayStation support and they advised that my choice of HDMI cable should have no effect on my internet connection, which apparently is not the case. I could not find anything online pertaining to this same issue so wondering if anyone else knows why this is the case, and what HDMI specifically I can use which will not affect my internet connection.

  6. It was abused by users getting the free trial, cancelling it before the free month was up and using a different account for another free month, they ruined it.

  7. Did this several times. No reason not to take advantage while you can. Unfortunately $20/mo to watch 2-4 CL games in that same span is ludicrous.

  8. They advertise that price as the cost of the laptop with minimum specs. When you click into the product, you have the option to upgrade and change everything... It even says fully customizable in bold lol

  9. Well, yeah, the list formatting was set to Price: lowest to highest.

  10. Just funny how this post makes it look like dell is advertising a stupidly underpowered system for VR and AI. it's not, just a good way to show cost of the base model.

  11. Add FC to comment for better chance of invite

  12. If you got your invite accepted, you will receive an invite to raid in the next 5-10 min. Thank you!!

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