Sam Seder responds to Rogan

Let's sip to good health and good company

He do be dancing though

[Happy crab noises]

An amazing showing.

A golden splash of respect

I'm catching the vibration

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I'm in this with you.

When laughter meets percussion

  1. the world needed less lawyers and more of this, thank you

  2. So hard whoever pulls me out would be crowned king of england

  3. Capoeira is pretty awesome. Have not done it much. Same with Kali.

  4. imo learning new body mechanics and implementing them successfully is the most fun

  5. Some do, there's a similar hierarchy and deference in martial arts and in the military, and people with authoritarian personalities are drawn to things like that and drawn to each other via their similar interests. grossmosis

  6. So basically do what the jkd guys do with the tao of jkd ?

  7. It seems like people are pretty naive with regard to their own thought processes.

  8. Once you see the "You are already dead" scene, just turn it off and save yourself about an hour that you would otherwise not get back.

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