1. I mean, ignoring your weird take on Young being third best QB, Jim Costa is a radio personality. His job is to create topics that will engage listeners and entertain.

  2. So…. I hate Bally sports, but if they’re bankrupt; does that mean the Tigers(and Red Wings/Pistons) aren’t getting the money they expected from their tv deal?

  3. Her being 19 and him being 41 is the bigger red flag.

  4. I would like to keep him, but with Jamo in next year how do you make that work? Chark would probably have to become the third WR option and be willing to be paid accordingly. I don’t think he would do that when plenty of teams would pay him a large sum to be their number 1 or 2.

  5. Schematically, sungod is the slot, Chark out wide and Jamo as a flanker.

  6. Always look forward to these. This sub got lucky you’re a lions fan. Thank you.

  7. I switched from tubes to Omnipod. My deciding factor was having kids and their grabby hands. It was also semi annoying having something about the size of a cellphone always attached to me.

  8. Keep playing. I think finding an alliance or cluster(where you can advance as you build up) would help. Assuming they’re active like the cluster I’m in, any questions could be answered quickly to help get you a plan.

  9. Probably depends on the event and and the TO. Local shop tournaments might let you, but larger events probably not.

  10. That culture they got going over there is gonna be a colossal pain in my ass for the next few years.

  11. Yes, you can take multiple. No point cost, just have to meet the requirements of troops/battleline/behemoth/leader

  12. Unfortunately haven't gotten around to leveling them yet

  13. Idk who downvoted you. You’re asking for advice for difficulty 3, I wouldn’t expect you’d have everything leveled yet.

  14. Alim McNeill our second year DT had some great games this year.

  15. Came here to say this. Lots of folks think our d line being so effective was Hutch and Houston(and they were great), but Alim has been outstanding all season.

  16. New Year, new army. I find the ones I have are either super durable(OBR and sob) or magic/ranged focused(LRL). I want something that hits hard in melee.

  17. It’s gonna depend on your local meta. For instance, near me, death as a whole is over represented and order is under.

  18. We def need some help. I don’t actually love the FA class, but the draft is deep. I’m hoping we take one early.

  19. There has been speculation that Jefe hit a wall. This was his first full season until he got sick. I think once he got sick and the fact that this was the longest season of his entire life got the best of him. I hope he bounces back and continues to improve this off-season

  20. Lions taking Bijan when they already have two pretty good running backs and serious holes on defense is certainly a choice

  21. Not only is Swift always hurt(every season), but he also didn’t…. Look right, when he came back from injury this year. Idk if he’s shying away from taking a hit or just lost his vision, but he was giving up yards to duck OB early or making weird cuts that lead to holding penalties.

  22. As a PITT guy I'm a bit biased but if the Steelers don't draft Israel Abanikanda, I could see him fitting in very well in the 3rd or 4th round with the Lions and having immediate success. He seems reliable, has speed, and vision as well. Plus that Lions OL is so good too. Pitt always seems to have good RB's like Lasean McCoy, Dion Lewis, James Connor, Israel Abanikanda... So it could be a good choice.

  23. Would not hate it. And I think, whether the Lions resign Williams or not, they’re gonna take a back somewhere in the draft.

  24. Josh and Bass looked like they were having a perfectly good time in Ford Field

  25. Congrats. I’d get into a doc and get a test done there. If you were using some sort of fertility med, because you said you’d be trying for years, insist on an ultrasound(hopefully your insurance will cover it or you live in a country with free healthcare). That’s how my wife and I ended up with twins.

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