1. Could have made a badass left handed guitar but decided to make a meme machine instead. Puke

  2. I've heard others' explanations for how they get around the morality question of trapping souls of any kind (let alone harnessing them for magical power) and I can't see how it'd ever be Good to do such a thing. I could see an argument for it if one were playing a True Neutral type character survivalist who treats the soul as part of the animal and lets nothing go to waste.

  3. Aww muffin had to resort to insults. I wonder why.

  4. Insulting your argument. no comeback? How disappointing

  5. You've stopped even making sense, boring. Have a nice angry little life.

  6. Says the angry little man who felt compelled to comment lmfao

  7. What exactly is so different about the covid vaccine that makes it so much worse compared to other vaccines?

  8. Thanks for asking. I don't believe it's worse than other vaccines. I believe it's both unnecessary and ineffective.

  9. Lol, so you are basically just an ignorant pretending to be knowledgeable. That's fucking funny,

  10. Says the human pincushion. Just 6 more boosters and you'll be fully vaccinated 🤣

  11. All it takes is one PP to get some of the momentum back, then you're right back in it, Rags.

  12. Ngl the fact you're having a meltdown over it only makes me want to do it more lmao

  13. Technically it doesn't, under US law Dell would need to show that you damaged the monitor to deny warranty claims, but yeah it would probably make the whole process a pain in the ass.

  14. I think that's a state-by-state thing. Make sure your state recognizes Right to Repair.

  15. I'll be at the game raising hell and doing my best to get my section into it. This team needs the support now more than ever.

  16. I was at game 3 I will say one thing…this club NEEDS something, anything at all besides “Let’s Go Blues”. Holy sh*t I love the team and was so pumped for that game but that’s literally all we have and you get a bit annoyed/tired of hearing something (no matter what it is) after your 200th time in 30 minutes. We need something else folks

  17. Idk, if they put a few quick ones past Kuemper maybe we'll get a goalie chant. I'll definitely boo every puck touch from Kadri.

  18. And here I was waiting with my ballbuster for the new Nuremberg trials.

  19. It's cool if you buy his story. I don't. At all.

  20. Cathy Newman got "threats" too which turned out to be false. I don't believe anything at all without direct evidence, and we're talking about the league's biggest active rat fuck here, not a perennial Lady Byng nominee.

  21. He's a terrible ambassador for his "diversity" points and actively hurts your argument since he's a rat fuck who has disrespected the players his entire career

  22. I have posts in this sub older than your profile.

  23. Yet it wasn't. For both hits. Because they were both borderline/legal.

  24. Always consider the source. Hawks flairs, Avs of course, and the literal biggest baby back bitches on the planet, Sharks fans. No wonder, they live in salt water.

  25. Whipping boy Thomas needs to start competing for pucks. Not a fan of giving him 2nd line when he's shown he needs to earn it. Watching him pussyfoot around with Kyrou on his wing (who's even worse about it) has the potential to get ugly if they try to dipsy doodle dangle their way through the game.

  26. Okay boys. I'm starting a dead pool. Who will Kadri cheapshot and injure?

  27. I don't know if it's Berube himself, Ott, Montgomery or whoever else, but the Blues coaching staff's ability to dissect and adjust to opposing teams has been fucking world class and this is how they're going to win another cup. I feel like our window relies on our current coaching staff almost as much as our players.

  28. It's always been the missing piece during all the Hitch years. TBH though when you look back at those teams he really didn't have the most talented roster.

  29. Prime Tarasenko though controlled play as well or better than Kaprizov, goal scoring was just more suppressed then (and vova still did his thing)

  30. When your 1C is David Backes and your goalie is Ryan Miller, you're gonna have a bad time.

  31. The Blues have to play better, but the next time people talk about hitting posts like that means something I'ma lose my shit. A post is a miss just like hitting the glass or missing everything. It doesn't really mean you beat the goaltender. If anything, Avs should be teeing up for accuracy drills so they can learn to hit the net on scoring chances.

  32. Team's playing scared, not checking. ROR is the only one out there competing and taking the fight to the Avs. Remind anyone else of the Vancouver series thus far?

  33. Another period like that and imma need another 12 pack of yuengling

  34. Yuengling is a far superior beer to anything Schlafly puts out. Most overrated crap ever

  35. Totally understandable. The whole jazz/jag/mustang style of guitar is another bucket list guitar for me. Wanted one since I started playing. Hear really positive things about Harley Benton overall.

  36. I own the Active and Passive versions of the HB EX models and they play great. Know they aren't your cup of tea but if you reconsider, know you're getting a good instrument.

  37. It's not hard to be faster than Maroon.

  38. Say what you will, Krug doesn't impress me and I think the team is better off without him. Might as well give Scott his look because signing him to fill the Shattenkirk role will be much cheaper than continuing to pay Krug 6.5M a year.

  39. Found the guy that misses Pietrangelo.

  40. What kind of mickey mouse Cardinals fan are you to NOT miss Petro? Lmao do you watch hockey?

  41. If you don't understand how that whole interaction is problematic, I would suggest you do some personal analysis of yourself my dude. It sounds like you still don't understand why objectifying women is a problem in the first place.

  42. Instead of addressing his points, you performed a cowardly and disingenuous dodge.

  43. Has Thomas played well at all in this series?

  44. Hey man. Who hasn’t done very dumb stuff drunk? If you say no you probably are lying or ever won a Stanley cup.

  45. You got me. I'm not even a fuckin' Allstar either.

  46. I used to watch this every day all the way through on my second monitor while I played Hearthstone in like 2014

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