1. That is the opposite of how prosperity works.

  2. Pretty sure the Abrahamic god had some pretty specifically negative things to say about the accumulation of wealth.

  3. Illegal? In what context are you referring exactly?

  4. Stop trying to impress women... thats a serious answer.

  5. Sometimes a MF just needs stabbin.

  6. Elven supremacy is the only Truth!

  7. Canada already taxes every aspect of the Maple Syrup industry, including exports...

  8. By telling their boss/ the principle /school administration/ your parents/ the authorities.

  9. Best case scenario: You employer "provides" health insurance. What this means is that so long as you remain employer with your job, you have the right to purchase private health insurance at a slightly discounted rate (still a couple hundred dollars a month for a mediocre family plan.) You don't have any choice in which health insurance company to go with though, whichever one your employer has a deal with is the one you get.

  10. The modern capitalist economic system.

  11. Some subreddits are extremely obsessed with grammar.

  12. Like shit. I use to have really nice handwriting, but I cut off a sizable portion of my right index finger in an accident and had it reattached. I cant feel any pain in that finger now but writing anything more than a sentence or two is very difficult.

  13. Black normally. Sometimes with half a sugar.

  14. I mean, that a somewhat better alternative than the official story that "skygod committed statutory rape by manipulating and impregnating a 13/14 year old child."

  15. "If subjects were people" is the most unintentionally bourgeoise thing I've read in a while.

  16. Had some seriously pain on the right side of my abdomen below my ribcage. Started as just a very sharp but manageable pain and escalated to very severe pain in a matter of 2 days. Went into the doctor's on day 3. They told me it was likely just bad indigestion or gas, prescribed me an OTC pill to clear it up.

  17. The wifi password changes every 20 minutes.

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