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  1. Yeah but they usually need some warm up before you can get into them.

  2. I've long thought a grey corps could be cool based around grief and sadness.

  3. As an American who traveled to Europe...corn on pizza.

  4. In the first story you said she took the tablets and now you're saying she destroyed them. What exactly did she do? I feel like we are missing some details that would really add to this story

  5. I went through the first several dozen comments and nobody is talking about the tablets. Am I missing something obvious here?

  6. the only person talking nonsense is you man, you know nothing about the character yet you're arguing with people about how she should be.

  7. Am a hairdresser in London on £15K a year I’ve already been shot

  8. tampons/sanitary pads, empty shampoo bottles, broken poop knives

  9. YouTube is the same problem as watching Disney channel and stuff, it's been an ongoing problem since the 90s.

  10. Hell this has been a problem since I was a kid in the 80's, sesame Street was a driving factor.

  11. So is it wine or beer or spirits, or wine and beer and spirits?

  12. The Pirates of Dark Water has entered the chat.

  13. Totally different! Coke has like vanilla-y sorta meh taste

  14. You realise you're going to end up getting yourself banned with the way you're acting?

  15. And then Repo! The Genetic Opera with Paris Hilton... actually maybe not that one.

  16. Remember Toxic Crusaders? Turning R rated stuff into kids cartoons was a pretty amazing/weird trend.

  17. I hum the theme song all the time. I can’t even remember anything about the show but the song is embedded into my memory.

  18. What about DD? I'm assuming she doesn't have a designated driver.

  19. I thought if all ? are in the same place, then you get to fight The Riddler...

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