1. Only 17.5 million of us online just 30 years ago. Simpler and better times.

  2. Who the hell is John F. Kennedy?

  3. What do you mean you've seen this one? It's brand new.

  4. Exactly, since batteries do poorly in the cold we see less birds in winter.

  5. Ng+5 now. I used the coin glitch (still works for me because I own the disc version)

  6. You can’t go online with the glitch disc Version

  7. I see bullshit about MTG in every other thread, can we keep GenX clear of this kind of trash? What does she have to do with GenX?

  8. Let the insecurity flow through you, I can feel your anger

  9. Roads always great and they never fix pit holes since 1994 Ellis island

  10. Incorrect, it was amazingly beautifully tragic story with great songs and heart

  11. Get your uspta certification and practice practice practice

  12. Free rydell to get key to get set super easy barely an inconvenience

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