1. he's def overweight, but by US standards he's pretty damn skinny

  2. Lol, this is the top comment on a post about this in 3 different subs.

  3. Nah Rogan allegedly is and I quote him “5’8” and a cunt hair”. Which in reality is like 5’5”.

  4. I’m “5’3 3/4” I just say “5’3” tho, because when your this short who cares

  5. That’s pure entertainment bud! That’s what I love about Indycar, makes bottom feeders a chance to do unexpected advances. The restarts are the best.

  6. No, watching cars drive behind a safety car is not pure entertainment, this was probably the worst race indys had this year.

  7. And? It's brilliant television. This may have been the most entertaining single seater race of the season

  8. It absolutely is not, I love Indy car, this race was terrible. I don’t want to watch cars crash every 10 laps.

  9. Is Ericsson implying that Grosjean did something similar to someone else previously? What was that incident? Or is he suggesting the other driver will have bad karma in the future

  10. I love Romain but he has been in quite a few scuff ups this season, most notably with his own teammates.

  11. I don’t care what people say this is probably the coolest street track I’ve ever seen. Racing over that bridge is a sight

  12. I hate to be that guy, but as an Indy fan this track sucks. If you watched the race you understand why.

  13. NASCAR how exciting…they just driver around in a left hand circle…

  14. It's going to be hilarious to watch this fall flat on its face.

  15. What’s up with all the n-words coming from gen z now a days? Edit: late millennial/early gen z. I’m late genx fwiw

  16. It’s not that common anymore, it was mainly the youngest of millennials and oldest of gen z. White kids used to say it all the time when I was in school, now my little brother and cousins say they don’t hear anyone use it, not even the black kids really.

  17. As a non-american, I'd find these more helpful if it also showed the direction of travel

  18. I may be biased because I live near it but road America is in my top three circuits in motor sports. Spa, mount panorama, and Road America. No particular order.

  19. I was wondering how someone was going to turn this completely unrelated post into "America bad".

  20. If you try to jump straight on you are just going to flip uncontrollably and land at a lethal angle.

  21. A 23 year old Rookie Clay came in already in his prime?

  22. I feel like Colton would do better working with someone other than his father.

  23. Not trying to be a downer but that looks terrible. If I saw this on someones arm I would have no idea what I was looking at.

  24. Idk why you got so many down votes. Like math..

  25. Oh, really? My bad my intention was to thank everybody at once instead of going to each comment haha.

  26. It’s actually a pretty effective peptide, helps the healing process.

  27. Can’t believe how many of you guys actually believe this 😂

  28. Checo, has said it, Hamilton has mentioned it, also you can see it every session.

  29. No driver has 1-2 seconds, or more, advantage over others on their outlaps. It’s possible it happened in Hungary (to that extent, not the even greater extent others are suggesting is totally plausible) due to traffic or specific instruction for Max vs others but no, Max is not 2 seconds better than the field on tires that are 80 degrees instead of 100 degrees plus. It’s patently absurd to suggest this and as I’ve said, this whole thread is just embarrassing tbh

  30. Because when Hulks time is up , a new Hulk comes to take his place.

  31. Yeah, Matt D is the correct answer here.

  32. Same, I’ve been watching since the 70’s on F1TV. I’m on 1993. My favorite part was in one of the first 1970’s races in Mexico when a driver ran over a stray dog. They called it “the Mexican special”.

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