1. Sex on shrooms I think it would be fun but I’ve never been with someone I trust enough to do it

  2. I’ve done it heaps with my partner. Lots of giggles & everytime you get a glimpse of each others bliss on our faces we died of laughter. Amazing and a must to experience.

  3. I love how she leaves just a liiiiiiittle skin texture in each photo as if that will convince everyone it’s not photoshopped

  4. I quit doing makeup because of stuff like this. I was working my ass off to perfect looks and all of the popular mua’s were using photoshop and filters.

  5. Sorry to hear that. I’m an mua and it frustrates me to see this. I just don’t understand. Even big companies commenting them all the hype. Meanwhile..

  6. I would charge her for wasting my time. Thats horrid, the poor lady with the stripes looks so sad..smh.

  7. Wobble lips, orange skin, blending is not seen in the same postal code as this artist AND heavy filters. Mmmkay.

  8. I think it’s the fact that this look would’ve looked 1000 times better without that over line. You can see the natural shape of her lips are gorgeous. They ruined it with the over lining

  9. This is intended to be a heavy glam. Honestly, I think this MUA is very talented in the makeup world. I’m currently saving up to get masterclasses from them sooooo....

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